A Striped Dress, a Fried Chicken and Another Hog Victory

Welcome back from le weekend, chicas! Hope everyone had a great couple of days off!

1. This weekend, we took the boat out for a COLD ride! We're winterizing it soon, so we're trying to squeeze every last bit of fun out of it that we can. Ari came along for the ride, while Cash stayed at home guarding the backyard. We thought taking both doggies out would be a bit much : )

2. Saturday, Dee came up from southern Arkansas and we went shopping at our local outdoor mall, The Promenade! I picked up this cutie for just a few dollars at Francesca's:

3. Since we're hosting Thanksgiving this year, we practiced with our new turkey fryer Saturday night on a chicken. Stephen had fun injecting the bird with the Cajun butter marinade, haha!

4. Y'all submitted over 80 pie recipes following Friday's post!! That BLEW me away! I was expecting 4, maybe 5 recipes at most, but needless to say, I got a few more : ) Since I'm not sure I'll have time to bake 80 pies before T-giving, I'm going to use a number generator to select 3 random entries. I'll bake all three pies and let Stephen do a blind taste test! The winner gets a fabulous prize (which has now been purchased) and the peace of mind knowing they've solved my pie dilemma!

5. We are currently loving this commercial in the S household. Makes me smile : )

5. The Razorbacks whooped the Vols this weekend. Woo Pig, indeed!

6. I refuse to decorate for Christmas until after Thanksgiving. Call me Scrooge, but I think each wonderful holiday needs its time to shine. Christmas tends to steal the spotlight from Thanksgiving and I feel the need to stand up for Turkey Day and say, "WE'RE NOT GONNA TAKE IT ANY MORE!"

Sorry if I'm a little touchy...our neighbors put up their retina-burning Christmas lights on Halloween night. We haven't had a good night of sleep since then because they're gleaming through our bedroom 24-flipping-7.

It's a bit like that episode of Seinfeld when the Kenny Rogers Roasters sign infiltrates Kramer's bedroom window:

Any good recs on blackout curtains? : )

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. My neighbor put up the first of their many Christmas trees on Halloween. Luckily they do NOT do outside lights, I just see the tree lit up in their window every night! I'm with you...no Christmas decorations until AFTER Thanksgiving.

  2. Love your dress, so cute! How did the chicken turn out!? I am nervous to do my first turkey, so I talked my brother-in-law into deep frying it! :) Glad I don't have that responsibility!

  3. Cute dress! Deep frying turkeys/chickens are the way to go! So moist!

  4. I feel the same way it is a family tradition of ours to not put up Christmas decorations til Thanksgiving day. We always went to grandmaws for dinner then that afternoon the family got the tree down and decorated it as a family. This tradition has stuck with me also.

  5. HAHA! Love this post! And the promenade was one of my favorite places when I came to visit Arkansas!!! So fun!!!! :)

    And I TOTALLY and 100% agree. Thanksgiving needs to have it's own moment to shine! Don't get me wrong, love Christmas, but Thanksgiving is my my favorite holiday!!

  6. Amen sister!

    Putting Christmas decorations up before Thanksgiving really annoys me. Thanksgiving is a holiday all about being thankful and people are by passing it to start thinking about the holiday that is all about materialism. I'm never in a hurry to get those Christmas decorations up.

    Have fun with your pie challenge, I think its such a cute idea!

  7. O that's the worst!! I hope they turn them off soon ha. That dress is so precious :)

  8. oh funny funny. i swear you crack me up, girlfriend.

    i totally feel ya with the blinding lights. my lakehouse is right next to the marina and that place is well lit up..i seriously don't know how they can afford that but whatevs. my mom found white paper blinds that don't let any of the light through. they have truely been a lifesaver! theyre the old school kind you just pull down but they look good. not shabby.

  9. Since I'm in Italy we don't get awesome American commercials over here so I've missed the Silverado one until now! Chevy has no idea how true this is! My dad has had a Silverado for YEARS that he just can't part with and my brother just bought his first one last week! So funny...and cute.

  10. I love the title of your post!! Your dress is adorable on you!

    We usually wait until the day after Thanksgiving to decorate for Christmas, but McK will be gone that day, so we are decorating a week early :-)

  11. Love that dress on you! The back is to die for!
    I get all my curtains from Overstock.com. I search for 'taffeta curtains' and the that show up are blackout. I love the sheen in the taffeta, too! Good luck in your search!

  12. The Chevy commercials make me tear up!!! Did you see the one with the Dad and son who finds his car and shows up at the park with it? Ahh!! love it!! :)

  13. I am right there with you on the Christmas decorations. Also, Woo Pig! Isn't it nice to believe we can win every Saturday? Such a nice change.

  14. That dress is seriously adorable!

    And I have a question. Random I know, but why do Razorback fans yell "woo pig sooie"?? Is there a story behind this?!

  15. Ugh, I am SOOO with you on the Christmas thing. What happened to looking forward to and enjoying Thanksgiving first?

  16. That dress is adorable! The back is awesome! Great find!

  17. Love the dress! Love Francesca's as well! Totally agree - no Christmas decorations in our household until the day after Thanksgiving!

  18. Love that dress!

    - Sara @ Gameday Stylist

  19. I absolutely love that dress! And I completely agree with not decorating for Christmas until after Thanksgiving. Turkey day definitely needs its time to shine! I also wanted to say how much I enjoy reading your blog. I was about to shut down the laptop for bed and then realized I didn't read your blog today! That's how much I enjoy it:)
    Love Always,

  20. I don't decorate for Christmas until Thanksgiving dinner is done! That's not to say that my tree isn't waiting in the corner of the living room on Thursday morning waiting to be decorated Thursday evening!

    Hope y'all are happy with your Hogs' win...one day, one day the Vols will shine once again!!

  21. I forbid Christmas songs/carols to be sung until Black Friday. My boyfriend hates me for it but that's fine with me. I'll occasionally let him wander through the Christmas seasonal section of a store wistfully but that's all the boy gets till after turkey day!


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