Ainsley Catherine: {Six Months}

Hello, friends! Doth your eyes deceive you? Is it a heat-induced mirage?

Nope! I have actually blogged. A whole post. (Golf claps all around.)

I've been doing a fantastic job of keeping up with the blog lately (HA!), so frankly, I'm as shocked as you are that I posted today. It's a summer miracle (!!) However, our littlest lady turned half a year old yesterday, which should merit some sort of online tribute, don't you think?

Ainsley Catherine, you are SIX MONTHS old! Let's see what you're up to...

Weight: 15 lbs.

Length/Height: 25 inches - our girl is long and lean!

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Dark brown

Clothes: She's wearing a 6-9 month in most outfits

Diapers: Size 2 Swaddlers for the win!

Likes: We call her our Smiley Girl because girlfriend is constantly wearing a big ol' grin. She LOVES her big sister and cackles at everything she does, (we are in trouble!) Ains also likes her Exersaucer, being outside, bath time, her dogs and being held. All the time. Allllll the time. (Her momma isn't complaining, though.)

Dislikes: Being put into her carseat, riding in the car, and basically all activities involving a motor vehicle. (Very much opposite of Caroline.)

Eating: We just started integrating solids into her diet last weekend. Well, one solid. We started her on pureed sweet potatoes and she seems to love them. We plan to take it slow and introduce a new food every couple weeks or so, much like we did with Caroline. And, just like before, we'll be making her food vs. buying. (We love the enormous cost-savings aspect, plus it just tastes better!) You can read more about how we feed our babies hereand I'd encourage anyone with an infant to give it a go, if you can.

Sleeping: She sleeps all night in her crib from around 8 p.m. until 5:30 a.m. the next morning. Yes, we are lucky and definitely don't take this for granted.

Milestones: She has started sitting up by herself, which was the big milestone this month!

If I had to describe our sixth month in one word, it would be: Fun! I loooooove babies at this age. They're so fully engaged with their surroundings and constantly doing new things.

Mommy notes:

I'm not going to pretty this up - I was a complete mess every time I thought about what I missed with Ainsley while I was in the hospital. In fact, it was a little bittersweet writing this post and realizing that half a year has gone by since her birth. We had only a couple months together before my heart went kaput and our world was turned upside down.

And this makes me sad.

However, I try really hard not to dwell on what I missed out on with her and, instead, focus on the here and now. And the future. And the fact that, Lord willing, I'll be around for many more milestones to come.

I was scared that she would forget me, forget my voice and my scent and...that I was her mom. But do you know what? We picked right back up.

Sure, I can't nurse her anymore and my energy runs out a lot sooner than before, but we are together - momma and child - just as we should be.

Ainsley Cate, I am so glad you're mine!


  1. This deserves a Standing Ovation! We know you're busy soaking up so much sweetness that is life so it's a gigantic pleasure reading about Miss Ainsley's Half Year!

    I have to admit those Mommy Notes made me blubber. If I'm ever blessed with the bebes, I hope I can relish all the time I can with them. And if God help me I can't, I know they'll be in safe hands.

  2. Hooray for a post, so good to see your pretty, well your daughter's pretty face again! I'm so glad you are home and your heart is doing better. You were on some prayer lists, lady! WOW, Ainsley is cute as button and so glad she's a good sleeper. Hope you can soak up as much baby sweet time as possible! <3 and prayers, of course!

  3. You get more than a golf clap. I am so glad that you guys are able to be together!

  4. She's beautiful! So happy you're doing better and able to be with those sweet girls! Cheers all around :)

  5. Ainsley is gorgeous which is no surprise! Happy Six Months beautiful girl!!! You're heart must feel stronger being at home where you belong. A double broken heart (medically and emotionally) wasn't good for you. Now, that your team of doctors worked their wonder you can be home for the remainer of the healing to occur. Praying for your sweet heart every day!

  6. so glad to see a post from you, hope there is more to come as long as you are up for it of course, rest and relax as much as you need to.
    Happy 6 months Ainsley

  7. I cannot imagine how heartbroken you were in the hospital. That makes me sad. I'm so glad you are home and Ainsley is a doll!

  8. SO glad you are home with your babies, just where you need to be! Praying that your heart is strengthened now so no more milestones will ever be missed!:)

  9. Oh my goodness...I had to take a double take when saw that she was six months old! What a beauty! I'm hoping that you are feeling better and will keep checking in on ya!

  10. Brings me to tears! I am so immensely happy for you to be reunited with your sweet family at long last!!!!!

  11. she is adorable, and I loved learning more about her! so glad your health is recovering and you can be back with your family. it seems like her and Caroline are going to be quite the pair. :)

  12. Such a sweet post :) she is adorable !!!!

  13. I'm so sorry for what you've missed & I can't image the sadness that goes along with it, but think of the lifetime the two of you have ahead! A bond between mommy & child is like none other!!


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