But Before 30...

Hello, all! So it appears that tomorrow I shall turn 29. Yes, friends, that is '2' followed by a '9'.

I laugh because ten years ago, 29 sounded ANCIENT. Like, to me, if 29 had a smell, it would have been mothballs.

But now that I am less than 24 hours from turning 29, it feels not ancient at all. There's a lot I'd like to do this year before hitting the big 3-0. Not sure if I'll get around to accomplishing all of them, but I feel like it's an admirable goal.

Now, I'm not wishing my life away, but I'm looking forward to next year's 30th birthday. (It's such a nice, round number!) But before 30, I'd like to say I mastered (or attempted) the following:

-Learn to bake bread. Or breadsticks. Or gingerbread. I have issues with creating things made from dough, which usually involve complicated matters like opening packets of yeast and using thermometers.  This one is Everest for me, y'all.

-Maybe clean out the heaping baskets of clean clothes in our laundry room. You know, those baskets that contain items pulled from the dryer, but not quite making it to the closet or dresser. I always say, "I have nothing to wear", to which Stephen reminds me that "there's no wonder, it's probably in one of the 18 baskets in there." If learning to make things out of dough is Mt. Everest, this one is the dadgum Himalayas.

-Go zip lining. Where? I don't care. It will likely have to be off our roof since a vacay isn't in our near future. "Honey, rig up a harness and make sure our life insurance policy is in order. Mama's going zip lining!"

-Figure out the cause behind that weird rattling sound in my car when I make left-hand turns. This could probably be easily solved with a trip to the Nissan dealership, but who wants to do that...ever?

So, that's about it, I guess. What did you do or what do you plan to do before you turn 30?

Peace out, homefries.


  1. The rattling on a left turn is probably your sway bar needing to be replaced. It is really annoying to listen to it. I have had mine replaced in the last year.

  2. I just snorted from laughing so hard while reading this! I completely sympathize with the laundry. Why is it sooooo hard to fold it and put it away??? I'm currently nursing my almost seven week old and staring at two baskets FULL of clean laundry--right I'm the smack-dab middle of the living room. Thanks for the entertaining post!


  3. The making things from dough and using a thermometer while baking? I'm totally there with you. My goal before I turned 30 was to be a mama. I was halfway there last year since I was 25 weeks preggo.
    BTW, what kind of Nissan do you have? We have one with the same problem!

  4. My goal was 2 kids by 30 and I delivered my twins 29 days before my 30th! Sounds like you can accomplish those goals ;)

  5. I'm 25 and I've got to start making my bed everyday. I think it is time.


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  7. I love the ziplining one!! You would have a blast if you're able to go!! On my list...is a trip to paris!! Along with a heap of other things...
    Happy early birthday!!!


  8. I need to send you my mom's roll recipe. You know it is probably from someone related to you! Once you learn the temp of the water shouldn't be felt, just status quo, like baby bottle warm (hard when you bf, huh?) you can make ANYTHING wth yeast. The dough makes killer cinnamon rolls too! Have some in my fridge waiting to be made! You continue to crack me up Leslie. I enjoy seeing the little girl I remember, now loving on her little girl! Enjoy your date!

  9. I have laundry from before Thanksgiving just waiting to be put away.

  10. Ziplining is something I've wanted to do too!! I live in FS and did some research earlier this year about places to go in AR. This is one place that sounded pretty neat and reasonable. http://ouachitabendadventures.com/

  11. Regarding the water temp for yeast: you want it to be about the same temp as your baby's bath water. (I had the opposite problem when I had a baby...I knew how to make bread, but nothing about babies. I actually said at one point, "Well why didn't you TELL me that babies like water the same temp as yeast!?"

  12. I went zip-lining last week. You will love it! So much fun. It wasn't on my list. I don't actually have one!! But I'm so glad I did it. Glad you are looking forward to 30. It's not so bad at all!


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