Go with the Flowbee

I wish I had some grandiose blog post to send you all off for the weekend, but alas, I do not.

Instead, (and in honor of me FINALLY getting my hair done tomorrow after 8 long weeks away from the salon), I thought we'd watch this compelling infomercial for the Flowbee. Somehow, my dear husband and I got on the topic of bad infomercials last night and this one came to mind.

"It's a vacuum! No, it's a pair of hair clippers! NO! It's the FLOWBEE!"

Children of the 80s and early 90s probably remember this hair-raising (literally) gem. Funny story, my mom was a hairdresser for many, many years and had to correct approximately eleventy million haircuts marred by this handy dandy tool.

Here are my thoughts on styling or cutting hair with a high-powered suction device:

1. The words "vacuum" and "hair" should never occur in a sentence.
2. God gave us professional hairstylists for a reason. Amen.

See yous Monday.


  1. I don't feel good about this...reminds me of the one from present day - https://www.aircurler.com/ - hahahah! Both are terrible life choices!

  2. Oh the Flowbee. Not sure if you're familiar with the group Emblem 3 - they were on the last season of X Factor - but they had a song out over the summer called Chloe and I'd always substitute Flowbee for Chloe and make up stupid lyrics about this dumb device.

  3. hahaha...I saw the ad for the flowbee in the middle of the night years ago when I couldn't sleep. I went to work the next day and shared the weirdness that was the flowbee with everyone - and they all really thought I was doing drugs or that was something was wrong with me...too funny!

  4. oh gosh I remember these! I would totally end up bald. Hope you are doing well and getting rest sweet Mama :) MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  5. I could not get through this video. Doh! But, what I did notice immediately, is the guy talking in the white shirt (can't tell what pattern is on it) has totally messed up side burns! LOL!! One is like, 1/2 shaved & the other is full. Hilarious. :)


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