Family of Four

Warning: This is long. It is for my momma records since I treat this blog like a journal. If you're over all the baby stuff, (and I wouldn't blame you one single bit), I'd suggest maybe skipping over this one : ) 


Did y'all wonder if I'd fallen off the face of the earth? ; ) Hope all of you are enjoying this holiday week with your friends and family!


I had a baby girl on December 10th.

And, we are all slightly obsessed with her.

I know I'm biased. I know I am. But...but.

I think she's kind of perfect. (Aren't all babies?) She's so snuggly and warm and sweet-smelling. And I want to keep her this size forever and always.

Anywhoodle, I thought I'd pop in and give you all a little update on all the goings-on since Ainsley's birthday.

Her birthday...

People asked if we knew that December 10th we'd be having her. The answer? Nope! We had a bag packed just in case, and my parents came up earlier in the week because I just knew that week would be the week. (My body was o.v.e.r. being pregnant.)  However, we had no guarantee that Wednesday would be the day. So, it was a fun surprise for us, too!

That morning, I had my regular twice-weekly appointment, as well as my non-stress test. Ainsley hadn't been moving as much the night before -- something I immediately reported to my O.B.'s nurse when she was getting my vitals. After the non-stress test, which showed heavy contractions, Dr. D came in and checked me. If you've never been "checked", you truly haven't ever experienced fun ; )

After the 30 seconds of hell that is being "checked", he announced I had progressed significantly and he said Ainsley would likely have arrived within the next 48 hours anyway. Since this was a repeat C-section and I was considered a high-risk pregnancy, we decided to get her out that night at 5:00 p.m. So, Dr. D called Labor & Delivery and told them to admit us. And up to Floor 5 we went...

Birth story coming soon!


Ainsley is teeny tiny. At 5 lbs. 13 oz. and only 18 inches long, our little gal is quite the peanut! Funny thing is, even for a petite little thing, she lost the least amount of her birth weight out of all the babies in the nursery that week, only dropping two ounces upon discharge. Girlfriend loves to eat and I'm happy to report that she's thriving. Due to her eating so well, we only spent two nights in the hospital and were discharged! (That's a really short stay for a C-section.)

We have been seriously lucky to get two very laid back babes. Her disposition reminds me a lot of Caroline as a newborn. She cries when she's hungry or wet, (or just wants some cuddles), but honestly, she's pretty content most of the time.

She looks a whole lot like her big sister, too. Her eyes are the same shade of blue as Caroline's, but her skin is very olive-toned, much like her daddy's Italian side of the family. (Caroline definitely inherited my Scot-Irish skin tone and freckles.)

As of now, we are exclusively breastfeeding. I haven't pumped yet, as I really wanted her to get in the habit of latching and feeding easily. Maybe it's because this isn't our first go-round with BFing, but it has been SO much easier this time. I look forward to those quiet, still moments during the night feedings most of all. It's such a cool bonding experience that I loved being able to experience with Caroline and I'm glad that it's working out so far with Ainsley, too.

Big Sister

Caroline is curious about her little sister and definitely likes to watch us feed and bathe her. When people point to Ainsley and say, "Caroline, who is this?",  she'll reply, "Mah' bay-beeeee!" And then I melt because I'm sappy like that. #hormonesforlife

Because of the very small age difference, we haven't had to deal with any jealousy issues - probably the biggest perk I've heard of having them so close together.

I won't lie. The first two nights at home were ROUGH. Caroline woke every hour hollering, which then woke Ainsley, too. We just thought it was because of all the excitement, however, we discovered a couple days later that Caroline had an ear infection, which is why she was so restless. She's still getting over that, but thankfully, she's on the mend and everyone is sleeping better now.

It breaks my heart to not be able to pick her up because of my incision. She'll hang her little arms around my legs and cry, which kills me. Thankfully, I should be cleared today or tomorrow to be able to lift and carry her again.


A very special thing happens when you have kids with someone you love. Despite the fact that you spend 23 of the 24 hours every day covered in the various bodily fluids of a tiny person, annnnd you may not have showered in a sweet forever, you fall even more in love with each other.

Maybe it's that whole, "We're in this together" mentality.

Stephen is a caretaker by nature, so he's been working double-time to make sure I'm comfortable for feeding sessions, that our pantry and fridge are stocked, that laundry is done....the guy has even made us home-cooked meals most nights.

He is also completely smitten with his daughters. (Duh.)

Something about seeing a grown man pull up a chair for a tea party or tell your newborn daughter that she's "the prettiest thing ever" that makes you weak in the knees. Men turn to mush around their little girls. This is fact. And I love it.


I feel pretty good, actually! This C-section recovery has been much easier than the first, probably because my body knew what to expect this time. The day after the CS was horrendous -- hello, second day pain!! -- but after that, things started getting better. I tried to force myself to walk a lot in the hospital, which I credit for getting rid of the bulk of the soreness so quickly.

I only had to take the pain meds for the first five or six days after the surgery and now I'm just taking ibuprofen when needed for soreness.

I did have quite a bit (read: a shiz ton) of swelling in my feet and ankles...and thighs...and hips...and abdomen...following the surgery. It was super sexy and I've never felt more attractive. (Ever heard of pitting edema? A barrel of fun; that's what that is.) Seriously, Lebron James and I could've shared shoes.

It was super sexy and I've never felt more attractive.

(Fluid retention is the new black.)

This is really common after C-sections because of all the fluid they pump into you prior to being operated on. I'm now happy to report that I have noticeable ankles and knees again, though my tummy is still pretty swollen.

And I'm still totally, unapologetically wearing maternity jeans.

Life with two

Having two only 14 months apart is not for the faint of heart. Or those with low energy levels. I don't feel like I had much of a recovery period after the hospital. I just had to jump back into life and honestly, that was okay with me.

Is it tiring? Hell yes.

Do I love it anyway? You bet I do.

We are slowly getting our stride and I'm starting to feel like we're not treading water anymore. The first week was a blur, but this past week has been much smoother. My mom has driven up each week to be here on the days Stephen works, which has been so, so helpful. I'm definitely a little nervous about how I'll handle it once I'm here by myself, but I know that it'll all work out.

I wondered constantly how I'd love another child as much as Caroline. I can't put into words exactly how it feels, but it's like God makes even more room in your heart when you bring another child into the picture. I love them both so fiercely and wholly. They are our greatest accomplishments and the most precious gifts we have ever been given.

I don't care what else I achieve in this lifetime, so long as I do this mom thing right. Yes, Ainsley was a surprise to us, but sometimes the best things in life are those that you never saw coming.


See y'all tomorrow!


  1. It may have been long but let me just say I loved it from beginning to end. I am so glad that Caroline is doing well with Ainsley! I think its cute that they are kinda close in age I so want that for my children.. I think its cute how the hubby has been doing so wonderful bless him.. Im glad you are doing better this go around with the C Section.. I am sure that has been a huge relief.. You all make a wonderful family of 4 sweet girl..

  2. Thank you for sharing your beautiful family with us. Your gilrs are beyond precious! Congratulations on the birth of Ainsley. She looks like she's fitting in perfectly. Having two is so much fun. You're going to love it so much!

  3. Awww Leslie...I loved this post. So glad you are doing ok & adjusting to your new normal. I think you are going to rock this whole still fabulous & a mom of 2 thing like no one's business & you are so right some of the best things in life are surprises & turn out to be our biggest blessings...God bless your beautiful family of 4:):):) p.s- "IF" you have time would you mind to post a good daylight picture of your pretty Christmas tree on instagram??? What you can see of it with you & the girls in the picture above looks so pretty & I'd love to see the rest of it:) Merry Chrsitmas

  4. Awww, yay! So exciting. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us, it's so wonderful reading the beautiful, the icky and the ugly [so ready for pregnancy now, sike]! Ainsley is beautiful and that picture of Stephen and his daughters is so precious. Congrats again, sweet lady!

  5. Our oldest was almost 2.5 years when we had our second and when we brought Baby 2 home we had the roughest night ever. Big brother cried and cried and cried and cried and wouldn't come near me and wouldn't let anyone but Daddy hold him. WORST. TWENTY-FOUR HOURS. EVER. Turned out, he had a MAJOR ear infection. His ears drained and everything. It was miserable, but I was so glad he was sick and didn't hate the baby. LOL!

  6. this is a beautiful post! Hope Sweet Caroline is feeling better<3

  7. Loved reading this I find it all fascinating since I'm no where near baby land or hubby land. :) Congrats she's precious!

  8. this post made me smile so much! congrats!

  9. Congratulations again, sweet Leslie!!! This post is beautiful - and I love your honesty. I have a bit of anxiety about how things are going to go when baby #2 arrives, and also about the idea of loving a new baby as much as my first, and you addressed both of these things so openly. And have made me feel so much better about what's to come! Glad you are feeling good, and hope you'll get cleared soon to pick up sweet Caroline - I can imagine how hard that must be!

  10. You are super Mom! They are gorgeous girls and I can't wait to continue reading about their lives! So happy for your family of four! :) EEEEKKK!

  11. SO excited for you! Your girls are beautiful :)

  12. this is such a sweet post, leslie! I hope y'all have a lovely first Christmas with Ainsley.

    P.s. my nephew calls his little sister, my baby, too. So we have all gotten into the habit of calling her baby. Which i'm totally okay with cause, "no one puts baby in the corner."

  13. congratulations!!! she is beautiful and i am sure you had a wonderful christmas! xo jillian

  14. Beautiful post! So happy for you and your sweet family!


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