Cravings Corner: Monday So Soon?

Yes, it really is Monday. I know, what happened to the weekend, right? I hope everyone got to sleep late and do something fun and non-work-oriented this weekend. Although it was incredibly busy and I didn't get much sleep, it was still a weekend, and those are always appreciated! Here's what I'm craving this week:

1. These embellished tights. It looks like the little hearts are drawn on, because the tights are so sheer. Girly, simple and fun!

*Photo courtesy of Haute Designs.

2. Dexter: Do ya'll watch this show? Well, if you don't, you should be. Hands down one of the best shows on television right now, in my opinion. And Michael C. Hall is not bad looking either : )

3. This chair: Something about it reminds me of Chanel...maybe the circular, loopy back or the combination of black and white?? Anywho, it's by Michael Vanderbyl and I think I need it : )

Photo courtesy of Verdigris Vie.
4. The Tanning Bed: I know, it's bad for me. But so is cracking my knuckles and eating Lemon Heads all day. I love being tan...not fake Mystic tan, but real , "I'm being pumped full of UV rays and will probably pay for this someday" tan. So I hit the bed this weekend and probably will again today.

And finally...

5. Sleep: For some reason, I am completely wiped out from last week/this past weekend. I lovingly refer to my bed as "The Black Hole". Once you're in it, you can't leave. And I really, really want to stay in it for a good solid 8 hours with no interruption from my neighbor's barking dog. Sigh....

*I wish my bed was this neatly made, but this precious photo comes from Martha Stewart Living.

Have a lovely Monday, and just remember, in 4 days, Friday will be upon us once again!


  1. Those tights are to die for. I love 'em as well.

  2. Oh my, I am cracking up because I could have written your exact words in # 4 and my boyfriend (mister, I think I am a doctor so I know everything ;) ) would fall over dead!! Love the tanning bed, love sleep...
    Happy Monday!

  3. I just love those tights, they are so much fun!

  4. I'm obsessed with tights like those and Dexter! Can Dexter just kill off Rita already? I'm just so annoyed with her every episode.

  5. Oh , I know what you mean about Rita! She really has gotten increasingly annoying this season. I think it's time to bring in a new girlfriend/wife for Dex!!

  6. Love the tights! I'm totally into colored and textured tights this season!

  7. Sleep sounds nice just about now and that bed to to die for! I want some new tights and those are super cute too!

  8. The tights are precious - they remind me of ones my mom forced me to wear with purple hearts when I was little. I wasn't a girlie girl ;) And that chair - LOVE!

    Psssst - head over to my blog I gave you an award. (And I've sited you a bit for inspiration on my "weekend wardrobe issues". Keep up the great work girlie! ox

  9. My best friend loves Dexter and she's always trying to get me to watch it. I have waaay too many shows to watch already though! I've heard good things about it, I might have to start watching!

  10. I love the bed...wish it was mine too. Love the chair as well and totally see where it reminds you of chanel! I need to go to the tanning bed..maybe Ill start back this week. :)

  11. You are too funny! Love, Love, Love your blog! #4-I used to be an addict, but I try to only go once in a while, why is it that we feel so much better why a pretty tan??


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