Surviving the Holidays: LBD Edition

The "Little Black Dress" is a staple for the holiday season. It's the perfect canvas for bold accessories and can be reinvented over and over again with the addition of a peplum or embellished tights. Classic and timeless, the LBD is a girl's best friend this time of year.

Keep in mind, the Little Black Dress should be an investment piece; it can last 20 years if you are willing to pay a little more for it. Shopbop.com has an entire section dedicated solely to black dresses, so you should have no trouble finding one that works for you.

Whether you're party hopping or playing hostess, these LBDs are sure to inspire:

Photo credits- Shopbop.com and The Preppy Journal

P.S.- Special thanks to Kelly @ Dare to Be Domestic for the Sugar Doll Award! If you've never paid Kelly a visit, you are so missing out.
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  1. You've pretty much covered all of my favorite dress brands! I should probably start saving now if I want to be able to afford a dress like this for the holidays...

  2. Looove LBDs :-) I found THE absolute greatest one this summer, it's amazing and will be in my closet forever. I'm wearing it to a fundraising gala this Friday and can't wait! Thank God for LBDs!

  3. I love LBDs!! MDH thinks I have too many, but little does he know that it's impossible to have too many!! =)


  4. Love the first photo! The swirling skirt! GORGEOUS!

  5. These are adorable! The Little Black dress is always what I go for to attend any holiday parties! Kori xoxo


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