Name That Dog

This cute little dog showed up on my parents' driveway last Friday. She was a little cold and had a few fleas, but otherwise she was in pretty good condition.

My parents have dogs dropped on them all the time. Because they live out in the country and have a nice house, I think people know they will take care of them.

Usually, my parents would just find a home for her, however, she's just too darn cute to give away. So they've decided to keep her.

Now, here's what I need help with...
...it's time to play

"Name That Dog!" (cue game show music...) There is no prize for this contest, other than the privilege of knowing you named a total stranger's dog, haha : )

And, whoever can suggest a winning name will get 5 extra entries in the November giveaway! Here are some things to keep in mind:

1. She is high energy
2. She loves to cuddle
3. She has a white marking on her chest
4. She likes to jump
5. She is a Manchester Terrier mix (they think)

Ready, set, go!!
P.S.- Remember the Spooky Arkansas Adventure post from last week...Check back later today and click this link to read some first-hand ghost encounters from some fellow bloggers. Scccarrryyyy!!


  1. Oh she is so cute!!! How about Pixie or Sparky?

  2. Ohhh, SO cute!!! :-D My first thought for a name was: FRISKY! She just looks so 'frisky' in that picture, haha.

  3. aww she looks like a Bailey

  4. Betty. She is definitely a Betty :)

  5. Thanks for adding my blog button sweetie! I added yours yesterday...it is so adorable! Have a fantastic Thursday. Kori xoxo

  6. I am terrible at naming things... TERRIBLE!
    Maybe Ellie? She is sooooo cute!

  7. I like real people names.
    Polly, Ellen, or Nadia.

  8. Popped in from Suburban Princess! I have two Chihuahuas! They're so wonderful! I would call her Jellybean! :)

  9. I'm going to second Chloe. SOOOO cute ... I was going to say - if your parents don't want her ...

  10. Chloe is my pup's name! So cute! But how about... Sadie??? I love it! She looks like a Sadie!

  11. She looks like an Elle to me! ;-) your parents are gems for being so sweet to animals. I love hearing about people like them! (and yourself, of course ;-)

  12. Oh no! Poor little thing! Thank goodness your parents are so nice! I couldnt imagine parting with such a cutie!

  13. That makes me so mad that people just dump dogs off in the middle of the country to fend for themselves. Stupid people!

    I'm so glad that your parents take the time to find them new homes and that they decided to keep this one! She's a doll! :)

  14. how about Luna?? :)
    she's precious!

  15. Annie...Annie the Orphaned dog...she has the sweetest little face!!

  16. She's precious :)
    Autumn, that's what she looks like to me!

  17. So cute!! I like the Annie suggestion.

  18. I have a list of dog names stored up for the next dog I get, but I don't mind sharing :) My faves are Boo, Soca, or Sookie.

  19. Very cute!!!

    I think Coco would suit her.

    Carol :)
    Perth WA

  20. Hummm... I have so many thoughts
    Tink (tinkerbell)
    bruiser.. I know it is a girl.. but I thought she looked tough.

  21. To me, she looks like a "Sassy Sue!"
    "Sassy" would suit her.


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