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Oscar Favorites, Top Five

Happy Monday, oh loves of mine. (Happy Monday...that ought to be an oxymoron...)

Hope all of you are staying safe and warm, wherever you are. We've got a good few inches of solid ice and snow on the roads here, so looks like our little family will be staying put today. We're kind of selfishly excited to have Stephen here for the day, though ; )

Did any of you watch the Oscars last night? Although I hadn't really seen many of the nominated movies -- you know, since we had a baby and dates went by the wayside -- but I did get a kick out of all the pretty dresses, dapper gents and Ellen. I love me some Ellen.

Here were my Top Five moments of the evening:

#5 Lupita Nyong'o and her gorgeous blue stunner

Let's be honest; the woman could wear a bed sheet and look phenomenal. Her face, her body, her beautiful skin and delicate features...gaw. It was perfect. As was her positively mood-elevating acceptance speech for her supporting role in 12 Years a Slave

#4 Pharell Williams

I love that they kicked the musical numbers off with 'Happy', his upbeat original song for Despicable Me II. I love Frozen as much as the next guy, but if I have to hear 'Let It Go' another time, I may spontaneously combust into a million little icicle particles. (Unless, of course, it is my niece's version of the song. That one is amazing.)

#3 The Epic Selfie
Needs no explanation. And it broke Twitter

#2 Bette Midler

I'm a Bette diehard. The woman can do no wrong. The fact that she reprised one of her most famous songs for the memoriam portion of the show...well, it gave me chills. 'Wind Beneath My Wings', indeed.

#1 Matty Matt's Acceptance Speech

I thought it was one of the most eloquent I'd ever heard. He thanked God, his wife and kids, and was quite heartfelt about it all. And, the best part, he concluded it with his famed "Alright, alright, alright!" line. He wins. For the speech, for the suit and for the humble attitude that makes him one of the most approachable actors of our time. 

What were some of your favorite moments from last night's 86th Academy Awards?


Grammy Round-up

Yeah, I know it was like soooo two days ago, but I still felt the urge to expel my thoughts on the 2013 Grammy Awards. If I am good for nothing else, I am good for award show commentary. 

Best Dressed

For once, I'm not giving this title to a woman. I'm giving it to a man…named Justin Timberlake. Kudos to J.T. for being the only man in attendance to shower and wash his hair before the awards show.

Even though typically put little RiRi in the worst dressed category, I have to hand it to her stylist – well done.

I also really liked Beyonce’s pant suit. But then again, she could wear a hazmat suit and make it look like Philip Lim couture.

 …and Lena Dunham’s yellow dress. She was radiant. And I have a girl crush on her.

Worst Dressed

I didn’t love Katy Perry’s frock, but I’m glad we all got to know her two friends Left and Right a little better.

Janelle Monae – I’m going to look her up on Wikipedia to find out who she is – looked like a bull fighter. Somewhere in Spain, a matador is looking for his clothes...

Favorite Moments

-FUN. is a dope band, made even more dope by their use of rainfall during Carry On. Does their lead singer remind anyone else of Freddie Mercury? (If you don’t know who Freddie M. is, we can’t be friends anymore.)

-Jack White’s performance. I’ll admit that I’m biased and, in my eyes, he does nothing wrong. To date, his live show is the best I’ve ever seen.

-Not really a moment, but I love that this rock-a-billy, folky music is trending nowadays. I’m sick of the overly auto-tuned crap that, ahem, certain young music stars are putting out these days. Yay for real musicians.

-Seeing Alabama Shakes front woman Brittany Howard belt it out during the Levon Helm tribute. Girl’s got some pipes.

Things I Wish I Could Erase From My Memory

Frank Ocean’s strange performance of Forrest Gump. I’m still scratching my head.

Hunter Hayes? Who is this kid? I can’t put my finger on it, but this little boy rubs me the wrong way. I dunno.

Every time the camera panned over to Taylor Swift singing and dancing. To the Grammy producers: I do not care to see Tay Swift’s reaction to Mumford and Sons. Ever. I’d much rather watch, well, Mumford and Sons.

Which moments did you love and loathe from this year’s Grammy show? Spill it, bunnies.


7 Things + A Sale

Holy Sam Edelman slingbacks, it's Thursday!

If you are in the market for coats and boots (and frankly, who in her right mind isn't?), our friends at Maude are having a 50% off sale this week! Save half on all of their darling winter coats and boots and ensure your style status for the rest of the season. Don't live near Fayetteville? Not a problem. Just visit their FB page and take a look at their sale items. Drop the girls a line by commenting on the photo of the item you like- they'll ship it right to your door!

$85 on sale for $43!

Regular $45- now marked down to $25!

M'kay, so a couple days ago sweet bloggers Chelsey and Erica passed on their Stylish Blogger Awards to moi. The rules for the award were that I have to write 7 rando facts about myself. That's easy for me, since most facts about myself are of the random variety. Here goes:

1. I have freckles. Loads. You can't tell from pictures, because I'm usually wearing make-up, but I'm pretty much covered (at least on my arms and face in summertime.) I used to hate them, but have grown to love and embrace them. Might as well, they aren't going anywhere, right?

2. I'm terrified of bats. Even the little bitty ones that are probably harmless. They give me the heebie jeebies big time.

3. ...on that note, I'm also terrified of opposums. Gross creatures, those opposums. I almost accidentally ran over one the other night and the thought of having to clean dead opposum off of my tires just about did me in.

4. ...but I love goats. My life goal (as far as animals go) is to purchase and raise a miniature goat. S says we can't have one in our subdivision when we get married, (stupid city ordinances and what have you ),  but I'm trying to convince my parents to let it live at their house in the country. The jury is still out on whether they will say yes.

5. If I could spend a day with anyone, it wouldn't be Oprah or the President. It wouldn't be Mark Zuckerberg or the Queen Elizabeth. Nope, it would be Rachel Zoe. It is what it is. I think I might just move in to her closet if she'd let me.

Rachel- Because I know you're reading this during your loads of free time- I will quit my job and come work for you. You can pay me in clothing/accessories. Please and thank you.

6. I'm considering eyelash extensions. Thoughts??

I wore some false ones today to work to try out the longer lash look and really like it.

7. On my desk at work: My Dexter bobblehead, bedazzled leopard print stapler, martini glass paperclip holder, an origami flower from my co-worker's little boy, and a jar of Nutella. All things that make my workday just that much better.

Because I think you are all pretty darn stylish, I'm passing this award on to all of you...may you live long and stylishly.

Be blessed, lovelies-


Please Excuse My Tardiness

...but Blogger was apparently having a severe case of the Mondays and I'm just now able to post anything. Whew! I thought it was just my PC, but then I saw on Facebook where several other bloggers from this area were also having problems...

But alas, it's all good now.

So what's a girl to post about when the blogging day is already almost over? Well fashion, of course.

The MTV Movie Awards were on last night, which gives me just cause to post a fashion review today. And any excuse to critique Hollywood’s finest is reason enough for this blonde to celebrate.

Okie dokie, let’s jump right in, shall we?

These ladies definitely looked amazing last night:

1. Jessica Biel

Seriously? Does she ever look bad? Nope. And again, last night she proved just how much hotter she is than the rest of us. Ok Jessica, you’ve made your point.

Well here she is in all her glory wearing a ravishing ensemble by Giambattista Valli.

2. Eva Mendes

I loooooove this sequin one-shoulder dress by Stella McCartney that Miss Mendes wore. I always dig her sense of style and this time was no different.

Congrats for looking stunning, girlie!

3. Cameron Diaz

So adorable and season-appropriate, this floral dress by Diane Von Furstenberg looked perfect on Cameron. And with legs like hers, why not show em off?

4. Scar Jo

I’ve said it before, I’ll probably say it another 5,340 times…she never makes a bad fashion choice, at least on the red carpet.

This was definitely one of the more conservative looks of the evening, but the green lace and amazing black heels give it just enough edge to stand out in a sea of glitter and ill-fitting spandex. Thanks for keepin it classy, Scar Jo.

5. Miranda Cosgrove

Alright, I’m definitely showing my age here and I’m sure all of my tween readers are going to go nuts when I say this…but…I have no idea who this chick is.

But she looked adorbs and those nude shoes are the sauce.

Now, for my favorite category, BEST HAIR:

1. Nicky Hilton

Love the little wrapped braid thingy she sported on the red carpet last night. Very of-the-moment and whatnot.

2. Zac Ephron

Yeah, that’s right, I said Zac Ephron. As in the kid from High School Musicals 1, 2 and 57. He’s totally rocking the metro version of Robert Pattison’s coif, and doing it quite nicely, I might add.

I also love how he’s giving his best “Blue Steel” in this pic. Derek Zoolander would be proud.

3. Katie Perry

Um, she’s wearing blue hair. And frankly, it makes me smile. Way to go, KP.

If ever there were a time to sport royal blue strands, the Moonman Awards would be it. Refreshing and true to her style, this worked, (in my humble opinion.)

And speaking of Katie Perry….her man Russell Brand’s new movie Get Him to the Greek will make you cry. Tears of joy, that is.

Dee and I went to see it on Saturday night and laughed so hard our mascara was running. Brand and Jonah Hill make such a great duo and P.Diddy was actually hilarious. If you have a semi-dirty sense of humor, you gotta go see it.

Ok, it’s time to get back to my real job now. Let me know your thoughts about last night’s fashion choices, movies or just life in general in the comments below.

Be blessed, lovelies-

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Trend Watch Wednesday: Print On Print

Good morning and happy Wednesday, blog friends! Is it just me, or is this week moving along rather quickly? Can you guys believe that we have to "spring" forward on Sunday? Sigh....I really don't want to lose an hour of sleep, but I am ready for longer days.

It will be so great to get out of work in the afternoon while the sun is still up, haha.

Ok, first today, I need to thank Jessica from Kitchen Belleicious for bestowing the Blogger BFF Award upon me! If you are in need of some new recipes or just need some inspiration in the kitchen, I highly suggest checking out K.B. It's one of my fave cooking blogs!

Now let's do some Trend Watching!

I'm SO excited about this week's topic because it's so fun and fresh.

This spring, it's all about mixing up your prints and layering colors. Tribal with tie-dye, petals with polka dots, stripes with animal prints, pretty much anything goes.

Though I'm not so sure I could pull off the cropped top featured below, I'm loving this look on the model. Notice how she paired the cobalt blue shorts with the yellow-green heels? Such a great color combo.

Neither one of these prints is too over-the-top and that is why this outfit works. The simple floral print on the red tunic and micro-polka-dot shorts don't compete for attention; rather they kind of balance each other out. And don't even get me started on how fabulous those wedges are...

Thought you couldn't pair stripes and dots, huh? Well, think again. Once more, it's all about balance. Small stripes + BIG dots= Awesomeness. And what do ya'll think about that heart print bag? Cuteness!!

This outfit totally took me back to the early 90's with that denim vest, haha. However, I think it totally works with the micro mini dress and black wedge booties. It's all good though...the ink blot print on the dress and the grommets on the handbag (Alicia bag by Marc Jacobs, pictured below), make this outfit soooo 2010.

This skirt and top worked so well together, I actually thought this was a dress at first. Try pairing two tones of the same print/fabric together to replicate this look. It would be so perfect for a girl's night out...

Doesn't this skirt almost look like marble? I'm digging the contrast of it paired with the pale yellow, ruffle neck cropped top.

Not ready to go full-out with mixing your prints yet? That's totally ok. Instead, opt for a mixed-print or multi-colored handbag, like one of these from Marc by Marc Jacobs:

Happy Dot Mabel Tote

Printed Damisi Collage Tote

Have you experimented with mixing prints yet? How did it work for you?

Be blessed, lovelies-



Photo credits:, Marc Jacobs


I'd Like to Thank the Academy...

You'll have to forgive the tardiness of this post, I'm a little slow-going this morning. It is Monday, after all.

Did ya'll have a good weekend? Mine was great! I got to see the folks and catch up on all the happenings back home. I hadn't been back to my teeny little hometown or even seen my family since Christmas, so I was definitely past due for a visit.

Ok, did any of you guys watch the Oscars last night? I purposefully drove 80 mph the whole way home, just so I could catch the telecast. It is my favorite awards show and I SO LOVE looking at all the actresses' dresses.

I was pleasantly surprised with the show this year, I must say. Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin did a great job co-hosting and everyone looked beautiful.

Since I'm a southern girl and my mom drilled into my head that, "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all," I will only elaborate on the looks I liked, haha. Here were my favorites:

Sandra Bullock

Her embroidered lace and metallic sheath dress by Marchesa was out of this world. She looked every bit the classy, beautiful lady we know and love.

Miley Cyrus

Alot of the critics weren't crazy about this dress, but I actually thought it was quite flattering on her. I like the style/shape of the gown and the color works!

Queen Latifah

This rose/lavender colored dress by Chopard fit this Queen to a tee. She was positively glowing in this gown.

Zoe Saldana

Here's yet another dress the critics didn't love, but I was actually a fan. I thought the color and the unique shape worked for her body. She definitely didn't play it safe, but totally managed to stand out in a sea of black ball gowns.

Penelope Cruz

P.C.'s dusky red number by Donna Karan was so reminiscent of old Hollywood glamour. Her jewelry, courtesy of Chopard, perfectly accented the whole look.

Tina Fey

This TV funnywoman looked anything but comical last night in her one-shoulder Michael Kors gown.

Cameron Diaz

With a rockin' body like hers, it's hard for Cammie to ever look bad. Last night, she looked even better than usual in her embellished Oscar de la Renta gown and Cartier diamond ring.

If you didn't catch the broadcast, here's the low-down:

Best Picture: The Hurt Locker

Best Director: Kathryn Bigelow, The Hurt Locker

Best Actor: Jeff Bridges, Crazy Heart

Best Actress: Sandra Bullock, The Blind Side

Best Supporting Actor: Christoph Waltz, Inglourious Basterds

Best Supporting Actress: Mo'Nique, Precious

My favorite moment of the evening was probably when Neil Patrick Harris took the stage to perform. He acts, he sings, he dances...I mean seriously, is there anything the guy doesn't do? Love me some NPH!

Did you catch last night's Oscars? Who is on your best-dressed list? What were your fave moments of the broadcast?

Now go forth and conquer Monday!

Be blessed, lovelies!