And So Our Next Chapter Begins

Just one week ago, we welcomed our sweet Caroline Rose! I'd been aiming to blog this past weekend, but I had other priorities, like gazing at this little beauty...

Friends, I cannot tell you how much happiness and fullness Caroline has added to our lives already. Every. Moment. Is. Perfection.

This post had the potential to be really, really, really long. To save you all from going into a coma from boredom, (I get it; our kiddo is a little more exciting to us than the general public, ha!), I decided to break up everything over the course of the next few weeks, including a recap of our favorite first moments, lots of fun pics from our first days as a family of three and much more.

Taken Thursday right before we were discharged. How sweet is our pink little princess with her big pearl and satin fascinator?!

How Baby Caroline is Doing

A healthy little lady

Our beautiful girl was born last Monday at 8:30 a.m. on the dot weighing in at a dainty 6 lbs. 9 oz. and 19 in. long! She scored a 9 on her Apgar test and the nurses kept commenting on how alert she was immediately after she was born.

After a check-up with the nursery pediatrician, Dr. J., Caroline was deemed 100% healthy. (I cry as I write this, thinking about the early scare we had with her at 14 weeks in utero. Thank you Jesus for a healthy child!)

Taken Saturday while she watched enjoy College Game Day on ESPN with her daddy : )

Her personality

We have been SO incredibly blessed with a happy, content baby. She is one of the most alert newborn babies we've ever been around, always bright-eyed and constantly absorbing her surroundings. Caroline is also a pretty good sleeper for such a new little thing! The hospital staff was tremendously helpful in getting her on somewhat of a schedule before we were discharged last Thursday and we have adhered to that same schedule (as best as two rookie parents are capable) here at home. 

And we think she's sort of adorable...

We were just smitten right away with her insane amount of thick, dark hair -- great for bow-wearing (!!) -- and petite features. She came out with a perfectly round little head and our doctor said he took extra care to deliver her without a scratch or mark. She has a lot of her daddy's features, but people say she got my eyes. I honestly couldn't tell you. To us, she just looks like...well...Caroline : )

About an hour after Caroline was born.

How We are Doing

The new daddy

These past few days have made me not only fall even more in love with Stephen, but have also made me appreciate our relationship even more. He is SUCH a good father to our baby girl, y'all.

My heart nearly explodes when I watch him change her diaper, rock her and talk to her in a whisper that only they can hear. I love watching those secret conversations they have.

He has not only been doing the lion's share of the diaper changing and cooking/cleaning, (since I'm out of commission due to the C-section), but has also taken on the role of my nurse. I appreciate him beyond words.

Holding my girl for the first time.

The new mommy 

I knew going into this that C-sections were really tough. And after having just gone through one, I can vouch for that. The first day I felt barely any pain, thanks to all the stuff they pump into you for the surgery, (yay for great drugs!) By Day Two though, I couldn't tell if I had gone through major abdominal surgery or been hit by a semi truck.

It. Hurt.

Each day is getting a bit easier, but it's going to be a slow recovery.

However, I'm sleeping better than I ever did in those last few weeks of pregnancy. Just being able to walk and lean over without a watermelon hanging on my torso is a huge relief.

Last photo as a family of two, which was taken just moments before they wheeled me into the operating room!


I love, love, love being a mom! I love nursing sweet Caroline, cuddling her close, taking in her sweet baby smell - it's almost too much! I figured I'd be a mess of hormones after she arrived, and I've heard C sections can make that worse, but I've never felt so happy or at peace ever.

Like, ever.

I don't know why God chose me to be this little girl's mom, but I'm overcome with gratitude that he did.

So that's it for today! I've got a hungry little lady that's ready to eat, stirring in her Rock 'n Play next to the couch.

Thank you ALL again for the hundreds of sweet Instagram messages, tweets, emails and, most importantly, prayers that were sent our way last week. We realize that we are incredibly lucky to be surrounded by such a caring community of family and friends - be it in "real life" or "internet life". 


  1. I love that this posted just as soon as I got on blogger. She is adorable. I have been following your story for so long, I feel like I know your sweet little family. Congrats and cannot wait to hear more about the story!!

  2. It only get better from here! Your sweet Caroline is going to bring you so much joy, peace and happiness your heart might just explode ;-) Thank you for sharing your precious family with us!

  3. I had an adorable baby girl via c-section in June and ouch is the truth! Thankful for a loving husband who did everything for me and E during the first week and half (all diaper changes, picking the baby up for me when it was time for feedings, etc).

    And Susan is right, it only gets better. Everyday, I am excited for her to wake up so that I can love on her and see that cute face.

    Enjoy motherhood!


  4. So happy for the two of you! What a beautiful baby and a beautiful couple. I'm almost 100% sure I would like crap after giving birth but you look amazing and so so happy.

  5. Sweet friend, she is precious.
    So pleased you all are doing well and I will continue to pray God walks you through this journey adjusting seamlessly!


  6. Ahh I loved this post, so glad to hear that you're doing well as a family of 3! Caroline is absolutely perfect, and it's great to hear that she is doing well :) Also, that picture of you an hour after giving birth is kind of ridiculous, you seriously look amazing! xoxo

  7. What a beautiful post, Leslie! So happy for you and your beautiful family :) XO

  8. Such a beautiful family! Enjoy her friend. SO happy for you.

  9. So glad you posted this! I think everyone is definitely happy to read about Miss C and see pics! How do you look so fabulous pre and post C-section? You look truly amazing...and most of all, so very happy.
    Keep the updates (and pics of course) comin'!

  10. Congrats on such a beautiful little girl! She is so sweet! You're such a cute little family!!

  11. She is so lovely! And so are you! (I love how great you look an "hour" after).

    So excited for you and your hubby and praying for a swift recovery :)

    ~Hannah @ Sprints & Scones

  12. Baby girl is PERFECT! Y'all are just the cutest little family!

  13. I love this little girl just like I love her momma :)

    She is a beauty and you guys are doing a great job

  14. So many congratulations! She is so precious and you look like you're glowing! Mommyhood suits you and she is a lucky little girl to be so loved!

  15. Congrats, congrats, congrats! I often wish I could turn the clock back 10 months to my daughter's birthday...it was the best day ever. Hope you continue to recover quickly and enjoy every second with your little miracle!

  16. Ahhhh, LOVE the update! You are one gorgeous family that's for sure and those baby bows-SO precious!!! Enjoy these sweet and tender first days, they go by in a blink of an eye, but it seems as if you are savoring each moment which is the best thing to do.

  17. Congratulations! She is absolutely adorable :)

  18. So glad to hear that you are all doing well! Caroline is precious, just like I knew she would be:) I can't believe she's already over a week old. Enjoy every sweet second with her:)

  19. She's gorgeous! Congratulations! I got goosebumps while reading about the "new daddy" that is one thing no one prepped me or warned me about, I thought I loved him beforehand? I still remember that feeling with my first, overwhelming love for him all over again, 10 times the amount.

    Congratulations! Enjoy every second of it!

  20. Congrats! She is simply beautiful, as are you! I enjoy following your jounrey and look forward to many many updates on little Caroline. xoxo

  21. Jealous of how great you look in that last picture! When I had my C-Section, they wouldn't let me wear any make-up or nail polish. They even made me take my contacts out too! Hahaha :) Congratulations to your sweet little family - hope each day continues to be awesome for you :)

  22. So happy for you and your new family of three!!! She is adorable!!!!

  23. This is just precious! So happy for your sweet little family of three! :)

  24. What a beautiful family! & you looked AMAZING post c-section! (But for real... spill your secrets)

    Enjoy the time with your little darling! She will be up twirling around the house before you know it :)

  25. Félicitations, the three of you look adorable !

  26. Congrats! She's adorable!! You're looking great!

  27. Congratulations! She is a beautiful little girl!


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