Confessional Friday: {Link Up}

This week has flown by, as we continue to prepare for Caroline's arrival! The final countdown is on and we couldn't be more excited for October 14th! Bring on delivery day!

1. I willingly took a flu shot at my 38 week appointment yesterday. This is huge for me. I am truly phobic of needles, but the thought of coming down with the flu and trying to take care of a newborn was enough to scare me into doing it.

2. Not really a confession, but I do think it is funny that this task was on my "must-do before baby" list. I'm getting my hair done Monday in preparation for delivery day, ha! I may be undergoing a major surgery, but heaven help me, my hair will look decent. Excited for Casie and the team at The Crown to work their magic again!

3. My husband and I are going on our last real date as a family of two tonight! We're going out to a nice dinner and then to see the new Hugh Jackman flick, Prisoners. This excites me to no end, because I cannot wait to soak up some quality time with The Mister. He's been working so hard lately, so that he can take some time off to hang out with the baby and me for the first couple weeks. Annnnd, it's been a while since I've gotten to get dolled up for a date ; )

Remember that next Friday will be the last Confessional Friday until probably November. I'll definitely be blogging, but I hate to commit to a weekly link-up for the first few weeks of being a new parent : ) 

Okay, your turn!


  1. Have so much fun on your date tonight! You deserve it - and after Miss Caroline arrives, it will probably be a little while before you and the hubs get to get out as just a couple again. And when you do, you'll be thinking about your sweet baby the whole time...So, enjoy it tonight:)

    Can't believe you are so close. Auggghhh! The time has flown! So exciting:)

  2. Congrats on your first baby! I'm currently 8 weeks along with my 3rd. I'm partial to 10/14, it was my grandfather's birthday - great man. First time here, your blog is cute! www.styleoyster.blogspot.com

  3. Girl I do not blame you about getting your hair done. That and getting my nails done were on my pre-baby to do list too! In fact, I was made fun of in surgery for having my hair done and makeup on at 7am. Ha! Do what you gotta do! Also, I just emailed you back about the c/s. I couldn't find the email you send me earlier this week so I just sent you a new one. Just a heads up! Happy Friday!

  4. I had my mom paint my toenails a few days before my due date (obviously I couldn't reach them). Praying everything goes well.... I was petrified of needles too. Until I found out I had a blood disorder and had to give myself an injection every day of my pregnancy!! The things you do for your babies :)

  5. have fun on your date! Cannot wait to see the little princess when she arrives!

  6. Enjoy your date tonight & your last few days before your princess arrives...:):):)

  7. Cannot believe its almost baby time! Where did time go? Congrats enjoy your date!

  8. This girl wore full hair and makeup to both c-section deliveries. It's just who I am and I make no apologizes. Enjoy your date night and your beauty day on Monday!!! Caroline's big day is almost here :-)

  9. I can't believe you are NINE DAYS AWAY FROM DELIVERY!! (If you make it until then!!)

    Hope you had a wonderful date night... those are so important :)


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