Buying Cute Maternity Clothes: {It Is Possible}

One of the topics I get emailed about most is maternity clothes and dressing a burgeoning bump. Mama-to-be styles have definitely come a loooooong way since the horrendous potato sack dresses of previous decades, but it still ain't easy.

Especially when all of your non-pregger work friends are rocking cute little pencil skirts and you're sitting there like, "Check out my fourth maxi dress of the week!"

BUT. But. There are stores where you can score a pretty cute maternity outfit that will help you feel less cow-like and more, um, Beyonce-like than the mumus of yesteryear.

The Best Maternity Stores Where I've Had Luck Scoring Great Stuff

Pink Blush
Pink Blush is my hands-down favorite spot online to buy maternity clothes. (And no, they didn't put me up to this. They don't know me from Adam.) They have the cutest tops and best fitting pants I've found for maternity. Oh, and it's very affordable. I call that a win, my friends.
My pregnancy with Caroline - pants were from Pink Blush!

My pregnancy with Ainsley - shorts from Blush are here

Pickles & Ice Cream
The cutest little designer boutique online for anything and everything maternity, Pickles and Ice Cream is a go-to for me, (and the name is just awesome.) My favorite brand of jeans when I'm not pregnant is Paige Denim and they carry ALL the styles of maternity in the same brand. Trust me, splurge on at least one pair of quality maternity jeans. You will wear them to the very end and then some.

Oh, and their tops are pretty great, too!

H&M Maternity
We all know and love H&M. They offer the trendiest pieces at prices that would make a garage sale blush. For leggings and outerwear when I'm with child, I always go straight to H&M's MAMA collection. Granted, both my pregnancies have been in cooler weather in the third trimester, (when you really need maternity clothing), but I'm sure that their summer apparel is equally good.

The famous leggings - LOVE 'em. 
Also, I loved my H&M MAMA leggings so much, I took them to the hospital when I had my C-section with Caroline. They were a lifesaver. They held my bandages in place during those first couple days, were so comfortable and soft, and were stylish enough to help me feel semi-cute when visitors stopped by. People may tell you not to bother with leggings after a C-section, but I wholeheartedly disagree if the leggings are from H&M. LIFESAVER, ya hear?
A Pea in the Pod
I can't sing the praises of Pea in the Pod enough, you guys. It's a little more than you'll spend at some maternity stores, but I guarantee you'll love the pieces so much more. I work a lot of Pea in the Pod for work during my last pregnancy and, even at 1,000 weeks pregnant, still felt stylish and put together.

Loft Maternity
I really and truly think that if I had to choose one store who does maternity workwear most affordably and stylishly, I'd give the trophy to Loft Maternity. I love that store when I'm not pregnant and possibly even more so when I am.
Pregnant last year with Caroline. Top from Loft Maternity and shoes were from regular Loft.

Poll for all the mamas out there: 
Where was your favorite place to shop for maternity clothes during your pregnancy? Which stores did you love and which left something to be desired?


  1. nice! ill have to remember this for the future. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  2. I was shocked about how cute maternity clothes have become. Happy that I didn't have to wear a Mumu my whole pregnancy ;) cute picks!


  3. What a great list! Thanks for the tips. :)

  4. Love this! You look incredible!
    The Style Storm
    <3, Christina

  5. My favorite maternity finds were from ASOS! These are awesome too! You look great!

  6. What would you say are your must have maternity items?

  7. Great collection. It's a very nice collection. It is really a very challenging job to choose an appropriate maternity clothes online that fits well, looks great and comfortable.

  8. I loved Paige maternity jeans as well! For tops and dresses for work and casual wear, my hands down favorite was Isabella Oliver. It can be pricey so if ebay doesn't bother you, buy there! I also lived maternal America for maternity dresses that were unique.


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