24 Weeks: {Baby GIRL Sisti #2}

I had originally planned to post my pics of my Riffraff Gameday outfit, but my camera isn't letting me dump photos or videos onto my Macbook : ( I'm going to let one of the tech gurus I work with work on it today and see if we can't get those up tomorrow!  

So, in lieu of that, here's an impromptu baby bump update post! I was 20 weeks the last time I posted, so it seemed about time for one. 

Weeks: 24 (as of tomorrow)

Trimester: Second

Gender: GIRL! (Woohoooooo!!)

Name: Ainsley Catherine

Baby's Size: According to the What to Expect website, Ainsley should weight about a pound and be approximately 11.8 inches long. 

Cravings: Where to start? Anything salty. Steak and chicken and fried shrimp...oh, my! And cheese. Preferably in the melty, queso-y form. We eat really healthfully during the week, but I won't lie - I've been indulging a little bit more on the weekends!

How I'm Feeling: Lots of energy, which comes in handy with chasing a 10-month-old. I still get sick in the afternoons most every day, but that's just how this pregnant momma rolls. Me + HCG= Yack fest. 

Lots of round ligament pain, which if you've never been pregnant, is a little bit like a tiny knife stabbing you on each side of your lower abdomen when you get up from a seated or laying position. (Fun stuff!) I'm hoping that will go away soon, because OUCH. 

No swelling or shortness of breath, so I'm a happy camper. Just trucking right along! 

Movement: Caroline moved constantly. I mean constantly. Sleeping just didn't happen with that kid. Now Ainsley? Ainsley moves a lot, but at very specific times of day: early morning and late, late at night. And when she moves, she MOVES. Backflips, round-off back handsprings, ballet, tap, jazz, tae kwon do...girlfriend does it all in there. 

Birth plan: See Week 20 : )

Momma thoughts: I am amazed at how quickly this pregnancy has gone by. I can't believe that on Wednesday, 24 weeks will have arrived. And in just four more weeks, we'll be staring the third trimester in the face! We have NOTHING done for this baby. She has a lovely and big nursery, but so far, I haven't had a spare minute to devote to it. Right now, it's serving as a storage place for our empty moving boxes, ha!

Someone asked me the other day if I ever expected to have two this close in age. And my answer was, of course, no. But, I see the beauty in the unexpected. I see it now more than ever before. Someone told me that they'd be "terrified" to be in our position. 

I don't like that word. 

My fears for having two babies 14 months apart are existent, yes, but few. I don't fear how I'll do it. I look forward to figuring it out. I look forward to the messes, the laughs, the tears, the frustrations (yes, those too), the hugs, the kisses, the long nights...for that's the stuff that real life is made of. That's the stuff we will remember when these two girls are heading off to college some day. 

Until sometime next month, friends --


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I may or may not have recorded a tutorial showing you how I apply the mascara coming this Thursday, (barring anymore problems uploading video from my camera!)


  1. I am amazed at how people want to push their 'fears' on others. Why would they say that to you? It's not helpful, or uplifting, it's just rude in my opinion. You have a wonderful outlook and I know you're going to rock it out as a mama of two under two. :)

  2. I'll be honest, my sister and I are 11 months apart and once I truly figured out what that implied, I wondered how my parents did it. My mother didn't drive and they had no family around. BUT, even though I know that's something that wouldn't be right for me, embrace it and meet the challenges (not fears) head on!! Your girls will always have a playmate around. I can imagine them as pre-teens, sitting around, watching movies and whispering late into the night.

    By the way, that round ligament pain? I gave birth 18 years ago and I still experience it every now and then. Never knew what it was called though! It feels like an ovary is all twisted up and by golly, it hurts!!!

  3. My little guys are 13 months apart and honestly it isn't anything to be terrified about. The beauty is that you don't have anything else to compare it to so it will always be normal to you to have two little ones close in age. You'll be great Mama!

    1. THANK YOU, Theresa! I seriously love hearing positive things from other mamas with two kiddos close in age. I want to hug your neck! ; )

  4. Hey there. I am a mama of three and my two youngest are 15 months apart. It hasn't been "terrifying" it's been WONDERFUL. I won't say that it has been a complete cake walk but these babies love each other like no other. Never doubt your abilities when it comes to your babies and know that God never puts you in a situation that you can't handle. Good luck (but you won't need it)!

  5. Hey Leslie. My two girls are 14 months apart.. One born on may 3 and the other July 29 the following year. I wouldn't have wanted it any other way! While you are in the "baby phase" you might as well just do it! When it's crazy, it's crazy but then you're kinda through all of that and they go through similar stages at about the same time. My girls are 13 and 12 now and the best of friends. They're almost like twins.. They are sharing similar life and school experiences at the same time and can help each other through it.

  6. People are SO rude with their opinions, especially if you have lots of kids or kids close in age. Glad you've embraced life and children as the blessing that they are. My sister and I are close in age (under 2 years), and we are the best of friends. Parenting is hard no matter how you do it. I wouldn't go so far as being "terrified" but every phase has it's challenges, and there's almost never a time in life that everything is completely perfect and you feel ready.

  7. Honestly, my husband and I were just talking the other day how we WANT to have our kids really close togehter (12-16 months) and I think that it's great that your able to look forward to the positives and considering the baby a blessing! How do you deal with the constant sickness?! You look adorable and I love that you appreciate your pregnant body! :)

  8. Where are your bar stools from? I really like them and have been looking for ones just like them!

  9. You look great!!
    If you are looking for some unique inspiration for Ainsley's nursery, you should stop by The Rusted Rooster in Rogers (1029 West Walnut) You'll be pleasantly surprised AND supporting local artists/craftsman

  10. I'm 23 weeks pregnant with my first so very close to you! But I just wanted to tell you that my sister and I are 14 months apart and we are very close and best friends and now are both expecting our first child at the same time!

  11. I'm interested in the mascara but unsure about how you take it off. I know in another post you listed pluses and minus and that was a minus. Can you share that?

    1. Yes, I definitely had trouble getting it off with just water, which is what I used with my regular mascara! The trick is to use an oil-based eye makeup remover. I use Almay Eye Makeup remover pads in the regular version. They make an oil-free version of the pads too, but you'll need the oily type. One reader said she uses coconut oil and that it worked wonderfully, too! Let me know if you have any more questions!!

  12. My girls are 16 months apart, with a boy 20 months behind - 3 years and 6 days between oldest and youngest. Our hearts are overflowing with gratitude for these blessings. Not every day is easy with three so close, but I wouldn't have it any other way! With our oldest turning 5 this fall things are moving way too fast, I try to remember to "hold on to the moments" as they truly do fly by. And, I've heard my share of rude comments too - don'tcha know how that happens? Is one of my favs. Rock on momma!

  13. yay! so exciting!! P.S. You may be the most adorable pregnant person I've ever seen. :)

  14. you look fantastic!! also loving your wedge flip flops so cute!!


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