Half Way Point Bumpdate: {Baby Girl Sisti #2}

I haven't been doing full out bumpdates with this bambina to try to spare you girls from having to read about my eternally pregnant state ; ) However, as we are coming up on 21 weeks Wednesday, I thought I might jot a few notes down for my own records, (and any inquiring minds...whoever they might be, ha!)

Had my husband snap this last night while we were on our walk. Under normal circumstances, I do not condone wearing tennis shoes with chino shorts ; )

Weeks: 20 (!!)

Trimester: Second

Gender: GIRL! (Woohoooooo!!)

Name: Ainsley Catherine

Baby's Size: At our anatomy scan last week, Ainsley was weighing in at a whopping 8 ounces. Her estimated length is 6.5 inches. 
Cravings: All the salty food in the world! Sweets make me so gaggy, but give me dill pickles, steak, potatoes, pizza and pasta all day long. Also? Queso. And salsa. All day, every day. 

How I'm Feeling: Lots of energy and much less sickness! This was about the point is started getting tolerable with Caroline, and this pregnancy is no different. I will say though, it was been a completely different experience this go'round. MUCH less barfing and cramping and all that fun stuff. 

Movement: We have a very active baby! Little Ainsley Catherine is a mover and a shaker, and I'm grateful. Just like with Caroline, my placenta is anterior, so I didn't expect to feel movement until well into my second trimester. To my surprise, I started feeling Ainsley move around week 16!

Birth plan: Because of some medical history of my own, we will be doing another (very necessary) scheduled C-section with Ainsley. I'm more than okay with this. I had a good experience recovery-wise, and we trust our doctor implicitly with his recommendations. We will deliver at either 38 or 39 weeks, depending upon her size and my progress leading up to d-date. 

Momma thoughts: This is going to sound so cheesy, but I love, love, love my pregnant body right now. Yeah, I'm carrying some extra weight and no, I'm not going to be wearing any cropped tops this summer (or ever again, ha!), but I'm comfortable in my own skin. With Caroline, I was so sick for so long that I didn't fully get to enjoy my burgeoning bump. Plus, as a first-time mommy, I was consumed constantly with anxiety about whether she was okay, whether I was doing everything right...you get the drift. I've been able to relax and appreciate this pregnancy for what it is: a blessing. 

I love the little round dome underneath my tank tops. I love the uber-womanly shape that my body has taken on. I mean, you are never more feminine that when you're pregnant, so why not own it? I flippin' adore it.

I feel like a lot of women spend the majority of their pregnancy focusing on the uncomfortable parts - granted, there are some - and not the amazing changes that are taking place. It is a GIFT to be able to carry a baby. Shouldn't we be thankful for gifts? 

Sorry to get all I am woman, hear me roar on you, but I'm dead set on relishing this special event and really appreciating this short time that Ainsley and I have in sharing a body. 

That's all for now! I'll probably touch base again next month. Until then -- 


  1. I love your bumpdates :)
    You do look pretty awesome

  2. You look fantastic! I am currently 21 weeks pregnant w/ our first baby (a boy!!) and I totally agree, pregnancy is a gift! I have thankfully had a very easy pregnancy so far, I just can't believe it's already half way over! Hope you keep feeling better and better! :)

  3. you look great and I agree- pregnancy is a blessing and a gift, even though they are hard parts, I love focusing on the positive :)


  4. you look great!! i love the baby's name too :) xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  5. You are woman. And you have a blog we like to read so we get to hear you roar.

  6. You are a gorgeous mom! Beautiful inside and out.

  7. You look so cute! You will have to read this link, "Body after baby... shit they don't tell you."

  8. You look fantastic!! I'm also 21 weeks this Wednesday. It's a joy to follow other December momma's to be.


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