Some things before our Independence Day weekend. Annnnd they are...

1) Confessional Friday is canceled tomorrow. I know everyone will be out and about celebrating the Fourth, so I'll probably just put up a regular post in lieu of the link-up. But do tune in for some Independence Day fun on here if you're cruising the interwebs tomorrow!

2) My Scentsy Party is still going strong! Be sure to stock up on all your very favorite fragrances right now. (For a list of my favorites, check out this post.) Also, Scentsy does this really cool thing called Bring Back My Bar where retired Scentsy Bars are only $5. Yes, $5!!!

Shop my party here and comment below to let me know what'cha get!

3) I did a fishtail braid for work today using ye olden Lauren Conrad tutorial and it worked out pretty well. Long-haired gals: you can see the tutorial below (and replicate the braid for yourself!) Shorter-haired gals could definitely do a fun little fishtail side braid. See? Works for all.

4) Those of you who have sectional sofas, do you love 'em? Hate 'em? We're trying to figure out what type of furniture to get for the living room in the new house. Our current living room set is going to look a little dwarfed in the room, I'm afraid. And, let's be honest, after many years of use, it's time for some new furniture. 

Okay. That's it! Enjoy your Thursday and don't forget that the link-up won't happen tomorrow because of the holiday! 

See y'all later!


  1. Happy 4th to you and your family :)

  2. I love the fishtail braid! Definitely going to be trying that this weekend. Have a blessed and safe fourth!

  3. We have a sectional where each seat is a separate piece. (Can't think of the manufacturer, we've had it a while.) It makes it SUPER easy to move, but it absolutely has to be against a wall, like a corner, to stabilize the pieces. Otherwise, they want to migrate away from each other, which is supremely annoying. We do love the seating space of it though. If your furniture is going to be in the middle of the room (or at least not against a wall) you'll want to try to get a sectional that is in just two or three pieces. Each piece will be heavier and harder to move, but less likely to migrate away from each other. Oh, and try to avoid microfiber. It. Shows. Every. Little. Spot. Seriously. Water will make a stain.

  4. The braid looks great ! Happy 4th !

  5. I'm obsessed with LC and all that is her amazing personal style...how have I never seen this tutorial? I nanny a few days a week and have been trying to use the fishtail as my go-to hairstyle for those days as it's quick but cute but by the end of the day it's all fallen out. I will definitely have to try this technique out! It looks awesome on you!

  6. We have a sectional. Because it was comfy and free. HOWEVER. Our tiny duplex doesn't fit it well, so it's stretched out against the wall, rather than in a curve. It looks like a theater.

  7. okay so I am getting some scentsy stuff for my stepmom's bday...

  8. I love the fishtail, especially for work :) Happy 4th!

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

  9. Happy 4th! We got our sectional a few months ago and absolutely love it. It's comfortable and seats a lot, and it pairs really well with an accent chair!

  10. Cute I have to try this!!


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