You Need These Wedges. And This Maxi.

I haven’t worn a pair of heels (other than to work twice a week), in a sweet forever. Why? Because, BABY. Ever chased a crawling baby around a house in a pair of stilettos? It’s not for the faint of heart.

But, I’m short. Like, 5’4”. And momma needs some height. So, I turned to my good friend wedges and just like that, they’ve all but replaced my heels.

I actually do own the below, (see how cute they are!) If you’re in the market for comfy summer shoes that will look dressy and give you the height you want, give these puppies a shot.

I also wore this dress yesterday all darn day. Throughout a errand running, lifting a 17 pounder in and out of her car seat, vacuuming our carpet and cooking dinner, the thing was so comfy. And Stephen even complimented the color ; ) (And we know that when men notice clothing, it must be cute!)

I’d highly recommend.

And it’s on sale, so BUY THIS NOW. $44 and it could even be dressed up for an outdoor wedding this summer.

RD Style Solid Knit Maxi Dress in Clear

This has been a PSA. You may now return to your regularly scheduled programming.


P.S. Riffraff just launched Good HYOUman brand tees on their website and I'm in love. If you've never tried them, they're super soft and last for-freaking-ever.

Love Yourself 3/4 Sleeve Tee - here 
Crazy Tank - here

Love this World Boat Neck Tee - here


  1. Adorable! I have had wedge fever lately but my boyfriend is only about an inch taller than me so I don't wear them ;) I have a maxi dress that looks just like that one from Nordstroms and I LOVE it! I could live in it. Great choice :)


  2. I'm the opposite! I'm 5 7 so I'm never looking for extra height :) Flats are for me!

  3. So cute!! What size did you get? Does it have lining?

  4. Those tees look darling! Can't wait to check them out :)

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

  5. Don't you just love maxi dresses? I can't get enough of them!


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