Confessional Friday: {Link-Up}

'Ello, ladies! Another workweek in the books, so let's celebrate with a good Confessional, shall we?

1) I confess that I made this copycat recipe for Chili's Cajun Chicken Pasta on Wednesday night and had, not one helping, not two helpings, but THREE helpings. It was totally worth the all-night heartburn that greeted me later. Seriously, you should make it if you dig the real Chili's stuff at all. This taste-alike version honestly tasted even better than the original. Pinky swear.

This was mine! A food photographer, I am not. But, I was pretty proud of how tasty it was - and colorful, too.

2) I confess that I'm both thrilled about and dreading the moving of our bookoos of stuff this weekend to the new house. My parents are very graciously coming up to help us move our small things into the house, then the movers come on August 7th to finish the big stuff on the day we officially close, (and occupy the house.) I'm so glad that this process is nearing the end and we'll be in our new house. We are very grateful that the selling process went so smoothly and quickly. Hooray for more space and a new home where we can create more memories!

3) I confess that I've just discovered the joys of Joss & Main and I'm in home decor love. I bought a humongous area rug for the new living room and a really cool runner for the kitchen, all for way less than what I had planned to have to pay. Seriously. If you haven't checked them out, you should. (And no, I'm not affiliated with them, nor did they put me up to this. I just wanted to pass along the tip.)

4) I confess that I'm pretty ecstatic to begin the process of planning another sweet little girl's nursery! I don't think there's anything more fun that creating a pretty, girly space for a little gal. I had so much fun doing Caroline's, so I fully expect to put just as much time into Miss Ainsley's. Bring on the Restoration Hardware catalogs!

5) I confess that I may or may not have already started planning C's birthday party. And, it's in October. I want it to be amazing and I really want to concentrate on the little details. Now that we'll have a bigger space to host a party, I have some fun ideas for decorating. (Also, I ordered her cake topper, bunting banners, and her party outfit and hair fascinator -- my friend Katie of August Lou is making her outfit and it's going to be precious. I am so that mom.) I'm placing her cake order with one of our favorite local bakeries next week and I am so flipping excited to see how they execute the theme I've chosen. More fun details to come.

Okay, dazzle me, stun me, surprise me, confess to me.


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  1. If you are loving Joss & Main you should also try One Kings Lane. I check them both everyday for deals. Can't wait to hear more about the birthday party!

  2. Nothing wrong with planning your daughter's birthday early! My sons bday is in October as we'll and we are already planning it. It's just soooo much fun!

  3. Question-and I really hope you get a chance to reply. Did the timing of having to sell one and buy another stress you out to no end? My husband wants to sell our house and buy a new one. I keep telling him it's impossible without having to move into a rental because how else could you time both to happen when you want? I'd love to have a seamless process like you did!! Anyway, glad it's done. Moving sucks but the new house should be worth it. : )

  4. So excited about sweet baby's nursery! I know it will be beautiful! :)

  5. Love joss and main!! And I can't wait to see what you come up with for Caroline's party and Ainsley's nursery!!


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