Thursday Randoms

Lots of nonsense today, friends. My morning started at 5:30 and has been going 90-to-nothing since. Don't you just love those days when organization and planning take a flying leap into a black hole? That would be my day. So, randomness shall prevail.

Her profile is identical to Caroline's at the 20 week mark. Exact same bone structure, shape of nose, etc. So cool!

1) I was SO excited for little Ainsley Catherine's anatomy scan ultrasound yesterday! We headed to our high-risk OB yesterday morning to see our girl up close and personal. (High risk doc is a precaution due to medical history. Baby and I are great!) She is most definitely a SHE, as she showed us all of her, um, parts, (or lack-thereof, ha!) Most importantly, her heart, brain, spine, organs, all of it, looked perfect. She's 1,000% healthy and thriving away. Yay for being at the halfway point in this pregnancy!

2) It's strange having such a seamless pregnancy after the one I experienced with Caroline. (Don't get me wrong, we were very fortunate to have gotten such a healthy baby out of the whole thing, but girlfriend made me sicker than a dog.) Other than the 4 p.m. daily puke-fests, I feel peachy-keen. Large, but peachy-keen ; )

3) I swear this wasn't supposed to be a baby post. See? Here I go. Steering this train toward BuyBuyBaby, yet again. Sorry, y'all.

4) On to greener, less impregnated pastures...

5) I have to say, I'm not a huge fan of the palazzo pant trend. They actually do look really cute on a few gals with some major height, but at 5'4",  I'm not one of them. Sorry, palazzo pants. I'll be sticking to trouser cuts and skinnies.

6) Has anyone out there watched Hemlock Grove? Caroline went to bed a little earlier one night, so Stephen and I got sucked into the first episode on Netflix. It's kinda hokey, but who doesn't love hokey? We've also just started watching HBO's new show called The Leftovers. Really, really depressing, but such an interesting concept to me.

Yup, that's all I've got. I'm off to finish packing up the last of our house. We will be moving our stuff over to it this weekend, then we officially move in and close on August 7th. I cannot believe the time has finally come - woohoo for more space!


  1. The Leftovers is so very, very weird. Admittedly, I am completely hooked, but it is strange nonetheless.

  2. I love to hear stories about the second pregnancy being so much better than the first! I am hesitant to go through it all again because I had such a rotten first pregnancy, but keep telling myself that it could be different the next time. Thanks for sharing!! xx

  3. Love your random posts, sister! Good luck packing today!

  4. i'm not a big fan of the palazzo pants, either. don't get me wrong they have some cute patterns, but they remind me too much of gauchos..and we both know how long that trend lasted.....

  5. I thought I liked the palazzo pants but I feel like I would look like a circus clown... They're too loud and patterned for me.
    I love hearing about Ainsley. I'm so excited for y'all!! (:

  6. i watched Hemlock Grove (obsessed with Netflix), but the end was WEIRD! I probably need to watch the whole season again to really figure the plot out. Good luck with packing!

  7. Yep, I watch Hemlock Grove!! The second season is even hokier and weirder, but it's still addicting!

  8. I'm moving this weekend as I unexpectedly found an apartment. Good lucky, friend!

  9. I love Pregnancy related blog posts!

  10. I'm so glad that you and Miss Ainsley are doing great! I know she will be beautiful like her sweet sister! :) So happy for you!


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