Confessional Friday: {Link Up}

Hey, hey! Since I didn't do a bumpdate this week, I've themed mine "pregnancy confessions.

By the way - we're 36 weeks along as of yesterday! Crazy, right? That went by freaking fast. Let's hope these next couple weeks do also because I'm ready to burn these maternity pants.

Taken yesterday at 36 weeks- hey, hey, Ainsley girl!

Here goes:

1) I confess that the entirety of my Christmas shopping this year will be done online. At this point, it hurts to stand, bend and move in any shape or fashion. And battling holiday shopping crowds with nine-months-worth of pregnancy hormones coursing through my veins? Nope. Not happening. {Hello, Amazon!}

2) I confess that I miss having ankles. Holy fluid retention, y'all. I never had this issue with Caroline until after the C-section, but it's so different this time. They look somewhat normal when I wake up in the morning, but by mid-afternoon, they're crazy huge. My mom came up for a couple days earlier this week while Stephen was traveling for work, (just in case I "popped"), and I had to have her help me pull  pry my riding boots off Tuesday night - ha! No more tall boot wearing for this girl until after the baby. Booties, heels and flats only.

3) I confess that while my mom was staying with Caroline and me this week, she made a huuuuuge dish of banana pudding and I singlehandedly ate the entire 9 x 9 pan in three nights. Oops.

4) I confess that I will have been "with child" an estimated 560 days of the past two years by the time this is all said and done. I'm pretty sure my uterus would like to punch me.

5) I confess that the only thing that makes me feel slightly more at ease about that fact is knowing that the Asiatic elephant has to endure a 609 day gestation period. I hope those momma elephants get some reeeeeally nice push presents.

6) I confess that all of the not-so-fun parts of late term pregnancy are immediately forgotten when I go to get Caroline out of her crib in the mornings. Her smile and excitement for seeing me and starting her day just make my heart happy. Parenthood/mommyhood is the single most incredible thing, and Caroline has been such a great reminder of the how amazing the little gift at the end truly is.

Y'all go out and have the best weekend in the history of ever. And if you can't do that, at least have a really good one.

P.S. - Blogging may be a little more scarce next week as I tie up some loose ends around the house/with work/with Thanksgiving prep. (Next week is my last week at work, plus I also very intelligently decided I'd host Thanksgiving this year. Because that seemed like a fabulous idea back when I was 10 weeks pregnant and believed in unicorns.)

I promise in advance that I will not have fallen off the face of the earth, (unless, of course, I do.) I will, however, be posting regularly on Instagram throughout the week, if you want to follow my very riveting life in pictures. My username is ablondeambition.


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  1. You're almost there pretty mama! It's funny you mentioned you'll be doing your Christmas shopping online! I told my husband the exact same thing last night.
    Red Reticule

  2. "I hope (elephants) get really great push presents." I laughed out loud, girlfriend!

  3. im doing most of my christmas shopping online too -- I can't handle the crowds pregnant or not! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

    ps now im totally craving banana pudding!

  4. You look wonderful at 36 weeks!! Have you found any line of maternity clothes that you like?

  5. You look great! I always do Christmas shopping online. I just can't deal with crowds. Ever. Hope you had a great weekend :)



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