Rich Red + Silky Suede

Outfits like today's are exactly why I prefer fall/winter clothing to any other season. The rich colors, the dreamy textiles, the print mixing, the luxe fabrics and the coziness of everything...I'm sorry summer, you just can't compete, sartorially-speaking.

The breakdown:

Sunnies here (less than $10!)
Double Breasted Knit Coat (size small) c/o Maude Boutique
Scuba Maternity T-shirt in Leopard Print (size small), (non-maternity option here!)
Prada Saffiano Tote in caramel (very similar here and here)
Fade to Blue Secret Fit Belly Skinny Jean in Indigo Wash (size LS)
Overjoyed Wedge Bootie c/o Maude Boutique
Necklace purchased at DSW in store last week (very similar here with FREE shipping!)

*I'm 5'4" for sizing reference

I've always liked a rich red, but haven't ever owned a red coat, so this one from Maude won itself a place in my closet. It's a good length, with the hemline falling below the booty, and the sleeve length is perfection.

(Tip: want to elongate your arms and make them appear more slender? Look for sleeves that are cut ever-so-slightly above the wrist, (like half an inch or so), or just roll them up to that length. That's why jackets and shirts on store mannequins often have the sleeves cuffed or rolled juuuuuust so.)

I've been in search of a pair of suede black booties for a while and when the girls at Maude suggested these, I flipped. SO cute and incredibly comfy! I wore them for about six hours last Monday while I was on my feet and they passed the test handily.

Also, if you live in Fayetteville or the Northwest Arkansas area and love Maude as much as I do, be sure to join me at their 7th Birthday Party this Thursday, November 13 from 5-7 p.m. I'll be there hanging out and you should, too!


What color (in terms of clothing) do you most associate with fall? For me, it's this oxblood shade of red, but I want to know yours!


  1. You look fabulous! I love the leopard prints against the burgundy coat.
    Red Reticule

  2. i love that jacket!! gorgeous color. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  3. I love the jacket with the animal print and the booties! And your bag!

  4. Love the outfit! Red looks great on you!


  5. Looking great as always! And I am totally loving the print of your top!

    Janine | www.itsjaninella.com

  6. I myself have two young kids & since I work full time, I only have a chance to sporadically check in on blogs, yours being one. I just wanted to let you know that as I sat in my kitchen this evening, I laughed out loud at some of your confessions... specifically driving away with the coffee on the roof of your car & going to your old car at the dealership. I do moronic things on a daily basis, so thanks for keeping it real so I know I'm not alone! ;o)


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