Indulging Our Creative Whims: What Makes You Tick?

Can we all collectively rejoice that this week is nearing the end? Whew! It's been a doozie around here. I've always been the kinda gal that liked to be busy and keep her plate full. Lately, however, I feel like my plate is spilling over the sides! But, I really do think I'd be bored if I lived any other way.

As odd as it may sound, being diligent about posting on this blog really does bring order and calm to the crazier days. There's something cathartic and soothing, about just writing for fun at the end of a long day, whether I spend it working, (as in "doing work for my real 8-5 job"), or chasing Caroline, (also "work", just a different flavor.) I may not get a chance to post every single day, but I do try hard to put a few coherent thoughts on here the majority of the time.

I'll be honest; I've done some major weighing of options lately about whether to continue to try to blog after baby #2 arrives. Part of me thinks, knows it might be easier to hang it all up for a year and take a break. But every time I start making a list of reasons it'd be easier to go on a hiatus, (from which I'm scared I might never return), I came up with one gigantic reason not to stop: I love it.

It's important to me; it's something I've pledged to keep doing when Ainsley arrives. I realize I'm not changing lives or altering the course of the universe on here, but I do enjoy the creativity it brings to my life. I adore the friendships and relationships I've built - am building - just through this little online platform. It has given me an abundance of neat opportunities and helped me make connections with folks I never would have met otherwise.

Sure, it'll be more challenging and posts may be will be more scarce at first, but I have a wonderfully supportive husband who has always encouraged me to do this. (Little known fact: every Sunday afternoon from 2:00-4:00, he takes Caroline and does the grocery shopping for the week while I write or take blog photos.)

(Ladies, here's your unsolicited advice: if you choose to enter a committed relationship, get married or have children, make sure the other person supports the things YOU love, too. Trust me, we are better in relationships when we make time to cultivate our individual hobbies - whatever they may be. It isn't selfish; it's essential to making sure the most creative parts of ourselves stay alive.)

I feel like women tend to be the first to put aside the things we enjoy doing because we're pulled in so many directions. Thankfully, this hasn't been my experience. And I'm grateful for a spouse that encourages my hobbies, just as I do his. With that said, I'd love to hear about you.

What hobbies keep you sane? Do you put aside time specifically each day or week for it? Did you keep up with it when/if you settled down, took on a larger role at work or started a family? Tell me your answers in the comments if you feel like sharing. 


  1. I go on a girl's weekend twice a year to work on my yearly Snapfish photo book. It's my form of scrapbooking of my family. We rent a beautiful home on Lake Huron and craft all weekend, have fellowship with amazing gals and eat fantastic food. It was my first time going earlier this year and it was the best time. Now I make sure to refresh, recharge and get caught up on my book rather than cramming it all in the last week of December. I also make sure to have dinners with some friends every few weeks just to reconnect with them and let Dad have his alone time with the kids. It's a perfect combination. I'm glad you'll still blog after sweet baby girl #2, love following along.

  2. I think it's great that you support each other's interests. I think it's crucial to keep those things that make you feel whole and human in relationships - even in parenting.

  3. I consider myself a very creative person; I was never a talented athlete, so my life has been all arts. I work in advertising (which is creative), but in Account Management (which is...not so much), so to keep me sane I blog, do freelance graphic design, play the piano, and take photos.

    I've had the same debate as you of: "to blog or not to blog?" because of how busy life is. I'm only a year into working full time (I'm 23/not married/no kids), so I have yet to master the work/blog balance. But, also like you, I can't give it up. I love it way too much. It's made me more creative, introduced me to an amazing online community, and has forced me to stop a few times a week and focus on something fun. I told my readers they'll need to just roll with my sporadic blog schedule and posts, because that's pretty reflective of what my life is now! :)

    I love your blog, so I will continue reading it no matter what time or topic!

    -Olivia (livelyliv.com)

  4. Writing. Writing keeps me sane. Whether I am working on my novel or blogging. And yes, sometimes the last thing I want to do is blog but I am always glad I've done it, that I am cultivating this creative space apart for myself. I seriously stink at a work life balance and it helps. I love what you have to say about supporting each other's interests.

  5. You married a great Man Leslie.
    My husband tells me to write as well, mind ya, my writing is not a ten % of the way you write, I wish I could write more like you do, but we live different lives, you are a writer by trade, me I'm just a mom and a wife.

  6. I'm so glad to hear this, Leslie! I have really enjoyed following your blog and I really appreciate getting your point of view on motherhood, working part time, etc. It's so nice to see the example of Christian women in the blog world. :)

    To answer your question, one thing that I need to do for myself is work out. Not every single day, but I need a few good workouts a week to feel normal, and my husband is very supportive in giving me the time I need to make that happen! Thank the Lord for supportive husbands. :)

  7. Scrapbooking and other kinds of crafting are my creative outlets. I have a somewhat creative career in book publishing, but it's so computer-bound that I love to get away from the screen and make things with my hands! I like the sharing and connecting of blogging, but I neglect my blog largely because it's just more computer time!

  8. Blogging is what keeps me sane, as well! I am so glad that you are going to continue blogging, because so many of us love your site :) I also have a Wednesday night date night with my best girl friend each week, and I am sooo thankful for that!

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

  9. I am so glad to hear this! I love your blog :) Running is my therapy - it totally keeps me sane. When I get really busy and stressed, I always think "I should take a break from running," but that always makes things worse. Even though it adds something to my to-do list, I want it there.

  10. I'm so glad you're committing to keeping up the blog after baby #2 comes! You show so much personality through your writing and I so enjoy reading your posts.

  11. Love this--especially your unsolicited advice! I wish all women realized the importance of holding onto their passions, no matter the ways their roles change in the household. I have been a wife for 5 years and a mother for 3 but I have been a writer for my entire life!! How could I give that up!

    How exciting for you and your growing family!

  12. I enjoy reading your blog as an older, more mature woman…okay, a Grandma!….anyway, I had to chuckle when you said your writing was not "changing the course of the universe or anything"…..when you posted about finding NYX concealer for those pesky under eye circles, I ran to my nearest Ulta, and purchased it….I want to say that you actually may have altered the course of my universe!! Thankyou!!!


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