Caped Crusader

Call it a poncho, call it a cape, call it whatever you want - it's the must-have outerwear piece of the season. Frankly, I'm all about it.

Here's why:

1. Capes and ponchos hide post-baby weight. (Golf claps all around.)
2. Superheroes wear capes; ergo, they are awesome.
3. They're comfy. Like, really comfy. A bit like wearing a blanket, only with arm holes.

Here are a few capes that I have my eye on lately. And may have purchased a couple. Oops.

Vintage-Inspired Plaid Cape  - Bought this one and L.O.V.E. it!

Necessary Clothing Plaid Poncho Sweater in Red/Black (30% off sitewide by entering code 2K15)

Nasty Gal Cool It Cape Sweater in Ivory

Super-Soft Cape in Grey Marl - One of my very favorite pieces I've bought all winter, hands down.

Colour-Block Geometric Print Cape

So next time you find yourself shopping online for another boring old sweater, (okay, sweaters are pretty great), think "cape" or "poncho" instead. 

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go help a very excited toddler assemble her Minnie Mouse Playhouse Indoor Tent. (Lord, help me...)


  1. Such great picks! I'm wearing a poncho today on my blog!
    The Style Storm
    <3, Christina

  2. i'm with you...i bought a few capes this year and haven't been disappointed in how often i've been able to wear them! my favorite thing to do is put a button down collar shirt (flannel, oxford, etc) under them and it looks adorable with a fun play on prints!

  3. I have a question: l really love the look of capes/ponchos, but I'm a vertically challenged girl at 5'2". My torso and legs are short! I don't wear heels (gasp) this time of the year because of all the snow in the Northeast. Saftey first :) I wear my tall boots every day. What do you suggest? I like the first one and the geometric print. I'm open for suggestions, go...

  4. I love the first and fourth ones! I told myself I was done buying myself clothes for the winter so I will have to try one out next fall.

    Life's Little Things

  5. Lol! I love your reasons why capes are great! Especially the super hero comment! Haha!



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