Confessional Friday: {Link Up}

Hey, girls! I don't have any confessions myself today, but wanted to put the link tool up for you to share yours : ) We had a pretty rough night with the baby and neither one of us ever went to bed. Everytime Ainsley would scream, she'd wake Caroline. We'd get Caroline settled back down and Ainsley would resume screaming again. Before we knew it, the sun was coming up and, well, here we are. (What day is it again?)

Our mantra as of late is, "If we can just survive the first year..."

Here's hoping.


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  1. You poor, sweet mama! I hope those little ladies are exhausted and take a good nap today!

  2. Sending you a hug, love and some virtual caffeine!

  3. Bless your heart. Hang in there!

  4. You poor thing! Hope your weekend goes better!

  5. I feel your pain! We had our second baby girl 12/14/14 and she screams 24/7
    We thought for sure the second time around would be a breeze, so far it's
    Been quite the opposite. Our goal is six months..one down.. Five to go..lol

  6. Invest in a sound machine for Caroline (or both of them). It will help drowned out Ainsley's night wakings. :)


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