Confessional Friday: {Link Up}

G'day, ladies. It's Friday, it's weekend-Eve and by gosh, it's time to confess. Let's be on with it!

1. I confess that this week nearly kicked my rear. Tuesday night was rough. Real rough. As was Monday and Monday night. Lemme paint you a little picture...

Caroline is getting more teeth, which is always awesomely fun. Poor chica was cranky, in pain and tired. Ainsley hit a growth spurt and wanted to do nothing else but eat, which means a lot of sitting with baby on boob for moi. She was also incredibly fussy and uninterested in sleep. Totally fine - that's just the nature of newbie babes. But...

It also happened that Caroline discovered the carbon monoxide detector this week. (Ours is located about a foot from the floor in our mudroom hallway - definitely at toddler level.)  And when it is tampered with in any way, it automatically calls our home security company.  Not one, not two, but FIVE times, the security company got called.

I may also mention that when said carbon monoxide detector sounds, it creates the most pants-peeingly-loud, shrill, startling sound you've ever heard in your life. Seriously folks, a friggin' cannon going off wouldn't jolt you as much as that blessed alarm. (Again, this is a good thing if actual toxic gas is detected in your house and you need to exit RIGHT NOW.) Not so great if there isn't carbon monoxide and your newborn is finally asleep after an all-night feeding bender.

I was exhausted and so was Stephen. I nearly hit the breaking point on Wednesday morning, so I did the only thing a girl can sometimes do...I called my momma. The woman is a saint. She came up right away, despite living 3.5 hours away from us. And all has been right with the world ever since her arrival. (Thank you, Mom/Nana!)

(Can I just say though, I'm kind of amazed we went three weeks without having to call for any reinforcements? I realize to some this is laughable, but we're new at this whole multiple children schtick.)

2. I confess that I do believe this is the most ingenious idea ever. In the history of ever, actually.

3. I confess that I ate approximately half a jar of Nutella for breakfast Tuesday morning. (Like, I ate it straight out of the jar with a spoon.) Don't worry, I chased it with a banana and a multi-vitamin. #HeartHealthyin2015 #PostBabyDiet

Those are mine. Now tell me yours --


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  1. Mommy to the rescue and that is a wonderous thing! Bless her precious heart! Two little babes can surely wear you out quickly, so another set of calm hands makes all right in the world! Hang in there momma...it gets better with time!

  2. Thank God for Mamas:) I can only imagine how exhausted you must have been...Just one babe wears me out pretty quickly, - and mine has definitely pulled the carbon monoxide detector out at our house too. No calls to the security company, but the earsplitting ringing definitely occurred - eeeekk! Hoping you have a calmer and more restful weekend!

  3. And that is why I can't have Nutella in my house. That would be my breakfast every morning :P

    Thank goodness for our mothers. I am so glad your mom was able to come!

  4. oh dang i dont blame you for eating that nutella! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  5. I feel like you are totally rocking motherhood! No worries, sister!

  6. Moms can be the saving grace during those early months. I know my mother was! She was a life saver when it came to me getting some rest at night. I love her so much for being there and I'm so glad your Mom was able to be there for you too sweetie!

    Ruling the Ortiz Kingdom

  7. I thank God for my Momma every day! She was the only way we made it the first 6 months of my second child's life, ours are 15 months apart to the day so I feel your pain! Also the glitter thing is cracking me up! My husband calls glitter Crafting Herpes! You are doing a great job and enjoy your Nutella!

  8. I would've called my mom right away I think. We all need help from our mom's - especially with 2 little ones. Good for you for caling her! Get some rest!


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