Pour Some Sugar On Me

Yesterday, Kelly @ Dare to Be Domestic passed on the coveted Sugar Doll Award to moi and, needless to say, I was thrilled. Kelly's blog is chock full of of humor, fun stories and southern tidbits, guaranteed to make your day a little better. So if you aren't following her, you totally should start.

Now, the rules of this award are pretty simple. I have to list 10 interesting facts about myself, (which will probably be more random than interesting), and then pass the award on to 10 lovely bloggers.

Without any further adeiu, I'd like to present....

10 Interesting/Random Facts About Me

1. I was classically trained in playing the piano for several years. I cannot fit my piano in my apartment, but someday when I get a house, you better believe it's coming with.

2. I started taking dance lessons when I was 4 and even danced my way into college on the ASU Pom Squad. I was even a member of the infamous "Red River Cloggers" (anyone from Heber knows what I'm talking about, haha) and could probably still do a mean rendition of Cotton Eyed Joe ; )

3. You can't really see them unless you are standing really close to me, but I have freckles on my face. Lots and lots of them that I've grown to love over the years.

4. I changed my major in college 4 times, but still managed to graduate in 4 years.

(They were, respectively: Journalism, International Business, Theatre and finally, English)

5. If I could do anything, I'd do nothing but travel around Europe and write. There's no wonder so many great writers use Europe as a refuge when they need some inspiration. It's amazing and I'd love to live there someday.

Maybe Italy or Prague...

6. Kids terrify me. No lie. I always get really nervous and flustered when someone hands me their baby. I'm told this nervousness subsides if you ever have kids of your own, but for now, I think I'll stick to small dogs.

7. Bad Habits: cracking my knuckles, saying "ya'll", watching shows like "Rock of Love", tanning, drinking copious amounts of coffee and procrastinating.

8. I can't stand to drink water. It makes me queasy. I'm not one of those people that totes around a water bottle and owns a Brita pitcher. I drink Coke, coffee, tea, wine and just about everything else you can think of....but not water.

9. I hardly ever eat breakfast, but love breakfast-type foods, like pancakes and bacon.

10. I think my love of fashion comes from watching my Grandma sew. She used to let me be her assistant when I was little and she made all of my dresses growing up.

And finally, I'm passing my torch to:


  1. Thanks so much sweetie! I love pancakes and bacon too, so yummy. I want to travel around Europe too...lets go! ;) I also dislike cracking fingers, so gross! Have a great day love and by the way, I'll let you know a little secret. My first name is Sierra. XOXO!

  2. Thank you so much!!! I love breakfast too!! It was fun to learn more about you!!



  3. Thank you so much!! What a blessing :) You are so so sweet!! And- GREAT LBD picks!! I am a huuuge A&O fan! XOXO

  4. Ohh yay! Thank you, girlie!! And I say "ya'll" all the time! Love it! Also, I had no idea you were a dancer-that's awesome!! I've danced since I was a little girl, too and halfway regret not doing it in college-that's so cool about ASU's pom! Love your "if I could do anything"...how amazing would that be? *wistful sigh* :)

  5. Thank you!!!! Eeeeeeee!!! Awards make me so happy!!! I will blog all about it tomorrow :)

    And I LOVE your list- wow! Classically trained in piano... that is amazing! And I too never eat breakfast but love breakfast food... I guess I just like sleeping in more, and getting up early to cook breakfast sounds like too much work!

  6. I'm not a big breakfast fan, but I do love pancakes as well! Especially for dinner!

  7. THANK YOU so much!!! :) So sweet of you!

  8. Such a cute blog! I <3 it!


  9. Ooooh, pancakes are my favorite, especially after I have a migraine. Thanks so much for the award honey! You made my day. I'm so excited...thank you for thinking of me...Kori xoxo

  10. I took piano lessons for 10 years growing up too. Even though I hated it, I'm glad my parents made me! And oh how I love tanning too... but I've given it up and I miss it soo much :-( Oh and lets not get me started on breakfast, MY FAVE! Thanks again and I'm bloggin about it tomorrow!

  11. Thank you for the plug girlie!!! It's funny that I have so much southern stuff in my blog and I'm actually from Maryland! HA! I am so excited to see you were on the Pom Squad. I was too (although that was in HS).. and seriously, Bret isn't settled down is he? WE need MORE ROCK OF LOVE! We need to hang out... crack our knuckles together, drink too much coffee and procrastinate the day away! Seriously... I'm guilty of all of these!

  12. AH! thank you! :) how thoughtful and from number 7 we could be twins!! haha


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