Happy Birthday, Dear Blog!

Originally Dee and I were going to to a High Heel Mafia post today, but we've postponed that until tomorrow because today, A Blonde Ambition turns 1 year old!

That's right, just one year ago today I started my blog adventure, having no clue what I would write about or who would read it. And I've got to say, the past 365 days have been one amazing trip and I'm so glad you guys have been able to come along for the ride.

Since we Blonde Ambitioners are scattered literally all over the world, (which is still amazing to me), I've decided to throw us a virtual b-day party. So kick off your Louboutins, pop the cork on the champagne and get ready to blow out some candles...because today we're celebrating in Paris.

Ok, not really, but we are going to take a look at a lovely French-themed soiree. Let's just say, if A Blonde Ambition had a birthday party, this is what it would look like...

This theme comes to us from the talented girls over at Lollipop Events & Design. It was originally created for a baby shower, but could easily work for a birthday party, don't you think?

Shades of pale pink, baby blue and onyx made up a perfect color palette for this elegant affair.

To play off of the French influence of New Orleans, (where the event was actually held), the designers also integrated elements from a Parisian circus.

Delicate tabletop floral arrangements of anemones, peonies and ranunculus closely resembled those of the Champs-√Člysees gardens. Ice blue Russian linens with caps emulating couture clown collars also adorned the guests tables.

The designers brilliantly used Parisian parasols hovered over tables with strings of dripping crystals that refracted the blue lighting.

The dessert table was beautifully executed, resembling an authentic patisserie. Large spheres of popcorn balls on crystal cake stands, macaroons in sherbert green, pink and yellow, as well as crunchy rock candy were served for attendees.

The chipped, exposed brick walls and loft-like design of the venue created the perfect atmosphere for this themed soiree.

Once again, I'd like to thank each and every one of you for allowing me to write about what I love. Here's to many more Blonde Ambition birthdays to come...

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. happy birthday, A blonde ambition!!! Enjoy the French party Leslie and have a nice weekend! xoxo

  2. Happy Blog Birthday!!! Have a fabulous weekend!

  3. Oh my, I loove this!! What a glamorous and lovely party. Exactly how I would have done it darling! Happy Birthday!

  4. Happy blog birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday to your wonderful blog! Love following you :)

  6. Just found your blog Leslie, and love it!

  7. That would be a perfect way to celebrate, for sure. Congrats on your 1 year!

  8. Happy Birthday....I had a celebration today too....Hope you will stop by

  9. Happy Happy Birthday to your fabulous bloggidy! And I would LOVE to be at that 1 year party.. glam and fabulous...just like your blog! XOXO!

  10. Gorgeous details!

    Just found your blog.. I couldn't agree with you more about being a blonde, love it :)


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