Inspired By: {Hollywood}

Happy Monday, dolls! I'm coming at ya from my stomping grounds in Northwest Arkansas today; back from Cali safely and soundly.

It's nice to be home, but I already miss the perfect weather and crashing waves of the West Coast....*sigh*

The first thing I did after returning home last night was to go straight to McAlister's from the airport for a large sweet tea. Ridiculous? I know. But I'm a southern girl through and through and I miss my sweet tea when I'm gone. And, as most of us know, it's hard stuff to come by outside of the southern states.

It was also nice to crash in my own bed, which I always lovingly refer to as the "black hole". Once you're sucked in, there's no getting out : )

So anyway, still reeling with inspiration from the trends out West, I thought I'd put together my own little copycat version of the outfit in the pic above. Inspired by Hollywood, I could totally see rocking something like this for a casual night out. This blazer by Central Park West and striped three-quarter length tee by Splendid, below, are almost identical to the much pricier version in the pic.

These denim shorts from Aubin and Wills are also a near-perfect match.

A bit different, but still very similar, these Mary Jane inspired heels by Betsey Johnson are just the ticket to height and style.

I'm not much of a hat girl, but I do love hair accessories. This cute little headband from Modcloth would be a great substitute, if you're not into lids.

Finally, copy the model's perfectly pink pout with this kitsch-but-cool lip palette from Buxom called Laura Does London.

And there you have it.

Be blessed, lovelies-

Photo credits: FGR, PiperLime, ModCloth, Sephora


  1. I love shoes and those Mary Jane's are precious!!!

  2. love it! i am not much of a hat fan myself, but i adore headbands! and....i totally agree - there is nothing like southern sweet tea! :) glad you had a nice trip and made it home safely!

  3. Welcome back, Leslie! Beautiful post and that 1st picture is gorgeous!

  4. There's so many cute things posted here today, I don't know where to begin! Those shoes are incredible, and I just love how sweet that headband is! Great finds!

  5. So cute! I wish we'd been able to get together while you were out here! I bet you had a blast! The weather has been amazing!

    xo - jami
    i m a g i n e

  6. what a cute outfit! And I can totally understand the sweet tea thing... I don't understand why the rest of the country hasn't caught on yet?! They're missing out!

  7. It all looks amazing - I especially love the white blazer. After any traveling, I also head straight towards my bed and pillows. It always pulls me right in!

  8. I haven't been by in forever and I have to say I Love what you've done with the place. California - how exciting! I promise to get by more often! oxox That outfit is adorable!

  9. Welcome back from the west coast! And loving the look! You'd rock it, girl!

  10. Oh, I love McAlister's tea too! And I'm probably in the minority, but I actually like mine unsweetened!

  11. VERY cute outfit!

    And I am also a sweet tea gal. We grew up making a gallon every night for supper. SWEET tea - no joke!

  12. So impossibly chic. LOVE this one, doll!


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