Vamp It Up

One of my favorite Sunday night guilty pleasures is HBO's True Blood. Not only is this show filled with some of the best looking vampires, werewolves and shape-shifters to ever grace my flat-screen, (hello Alcide!), it's also heavy on style. Gone are the days of kitschy capes, white gloves, obscenely popped collars and everything else stereotypically vampiric; these blood-suckers prefer to breeze around in Ferragamo, Pucci and Agent Provocateur.

Want to channel your inner Tara, Pam or Sookie? Take a peek at these pieces, inspired by the ladies of True Blood:

Sookie Stackhouse prefers to keep her look simple and sweet. This season, Sookie can be seen in soft, pastel colors, snap-front camis and shirts and lots of lace. And since every down-home gal needs her denim, Sookie often sports her favorite denim shorts and jacket.

1. Dainty woven top, Forever 21, $28
2. Denim shorts, American Eagle Outfitters, $25

Jessica, the churchgoing good-girl-turned-vampire, loves her pink and plaid. And since it can be quite chilly, (even for a vampire), in the big Compton house, she can also loves her soft-knit sweaters and comfy denim.

3. Plaid top, Old Navy, $15
4. Boyfriend destroyed jeans, Current/Elliot, $180

Pam is one of the most brazen characters on this show and her signature style is no different. Stylists describe her look as "Victorian dominatrix"; a perfect blend of vintage and modern sexiness. To look like Pam, you needs lots of black, lots of leather and a good dose of confidence.

5. Thigh high leather boots, Report Signature, $499
6. Pleather mini skirt, David Lerner, $100

When stylists were preparing for Sophie-Anne's entrance into the season, they needed her look to be completely, well, royal. This Queen of the Vampires can often be seen in lots of plush textiles, power suits and luxe furs in various shades of cream, white, crimson and slate gray. Sophie-Anne's look gives a bit of a nod to the 30's and 40's, as it has a very distinctive vintage feel.

7. Pearl smoking jacket, Rika, $460
8. Draped trouser, Reiss, $177

Lorena is known for being the most vicious and beautiful woman on the show, so it's understandable why True Blood stylists wanted her look to be the most high-fashion. She can often be seen seducing her prey in layers of lace or velvet and dark colors. Apparently, she also has a fondness for gloves.

9. Python dress by Balmain
10. Velvet mini dress, Dress Up, $268

Tara's look is all about comfort and durability. This hard-working girl doesn't have time to fret over hemlines and heels; in her closet, you're more likely to find cargo pants, versatile tanks and T-shirts.
11. Pearl tank top, Ulla Johnson, $225
12. Vintage sahara cargo pants, J. Brand, $295

Which True Blood character's closet would you most like to raid?
Be blessed, lovelies-
Photo credits: HBO, Elle.com


  1. I love that first white top! So pretty!

  2. This post is great! Have you seen the DSquared booties and the heel is a spinal cord? They look like they would belong on Pam! I just recently found your blog and it is lovely.

  3. I LOVE those j brand cargos! I've been eying those for awhile :)

  4. Hello! Those shoes are dangerous! Hope you're having a great week! Let me know if you still want to get together when you're in LA!
    xo - jami
    i m a g i n e

  5. I love this show and I love their fashion! I love #9. That dress is awesome!

  6. I love True Blood! I'm more of a Sookie sort of style myself.

  7. I love this post and I love True Blood!! I would raid Sookie or Lorena's closet!

  8. Love Sophie-Ann's look! Gorgeous!

  9. oh Pam seems to be so dangerous!

  10. Ah! I just love your blog!! This is all so cute and I just love your style. It's funny because I just googled pics of my girl Sookie earlier today hoping to emmulate her style haha. Much love from a fellow blonde <3

  11. Oh, I {love} Lorena!! And also Sophie-Ann!

  12. LOVE the Sophie and Lorena look. Great post as always!

  13. Love this post! Husband and I took a while to get into True blood but we're getting there. I definitely like Lorena's look the best!

  14. I don't watch it but I'm diggin' Sophie's style!

  15. I am so not into this vampire stuff. But I LOVE that pearl tank! xx

  16. Cute take on True Blood!! I love that show too!! Love your choices for their comparable outfits.

  17. Goal: get into true blood. I really want to watch it and dont know why I havent.. Well, I didnt have HBO, so that might have something to do with it. But I want to watch up!

  18. Hey! I just discovered that the author of the Sookie Stackhouse series, which has been made into True Blood, lives in Arkansas . . . Perhaps you already knew that, though?


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