Something Blue

Naomi Watts via Ellen von Unwerth

I don't know what it is about winter that makes me want to wear blue, but it seems every time the weather gets colder, I go in search of cerulean, teal, navy and cobalt. I've even been known to sport a blue, smoky eye from time to time.

Things to love about blue:

-It's a universally flattering shade. You can have red, blonde, brown or pink hair and still be able to rock this hue.

-Blue is the color of serenity and luck. No wonder brides often wear it on their wedding day!

-Blue conveys importance and confidence without being somber or sinister, hence the reason corporate execs and politicians choose it as their go-to "power" color.

-It's less expected than black, but more slimming than white : )

-It's Leslie's birthstone.  Two of the loveliest birthstones are blue, sapphire and blue topaz (December babies, holla.)

1) N.Y.L.A. Kama boot; 2) Premium Pale Blue Snow Jewel Dress from Topshop; 3) Premium Sequin Wrap Skirt from Topshop; 4) Eyes in Uniform shadow from Topshop; 5) Faux Lizzard Skin Box Bag

I'm desperately seeking the perfect blue military jacket to wear with skinnies and riding boots this winter, sewwwww....if you girls have suggestions, please send links my way!

We've got a couple of pretty solid (yes, I just said solid) guest bloggers coming our way tomorrow and next Monday, one of whom may or may not be the elusive "S". The other? The not-so-elusive Sarah from The Strength of Faith talking about her Wear a Dress Tuesday movement. In summary- get excited.

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. Beautiful beautiful bag! Enter sad story: I've found that blue shoes are the absolute hardest thing to coordinate into an outfit. Unless I'm wearing a lot of brown, it tends to clash, and unfortunately I discovered this after buying two pairs of blue shoes, whomp whomp...haha! Happy New Years to you!

  2. I love blue, of course I'm a September baby! Please give tips for the smokey blue eye!! I always look like I have gotten a black eye instead :( ha!

  3. Eek! I'm more excited to hear what S has to say than I am about my own post. :)

  4. i've always loved navy and light blue - you're right, they are universally flattering! i may also have an obsession with princess diana (and now kate's!) beautiful sapphire ring...

    happy new year, leslie!

  5. You've inspired me to bust out my midnight blue eyeshadow and navy liner! I've always been a little shy to wear it, thinking people might assume I'm trying to channel the 80's ha! I'll be bolder in 2011 though!
    Happy New Year~


  6. I love blue & you are right...I tend to wear it more in winter too! I never thought about it before. If I find a jacket, I will send the link your way!

  7. Thanks Ashley! Links are much appreciated! : )

  8. Blue is right up there with black and gray in my closet! Totally into navy lately - not sure what's up with that! Great post.

  9. For year I thought that blue wasn't "my colour" but now I'm totally in love with royal and metallic sapphire blue tones! (Think Kate Middeltons engagement photo dress) Love it!

  10. Oh I love love love that skirt from topshop!!! I must go to their site now!!

  11. Just bought some smoky blue eye "stuff" myself. :)

  12. Love the heeled booties! I think I need some!


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