Window Wonderland

Window display at Barney's New York

Greetings, gals! I haven't blogged yet this week due to the craziness of trying to get all of my holiday shopping done...yes, I am a Christmas shopping procrastinator (I say this with a shameful look on my face.)

Instead of our usual Trend Watch Wednesday, (which will return next week with some FABULOUS New Year's Eve dresses from Maude), today I wanted to show you some of the most gorgeous holiday window displays from our favorite retailers.

If this doesn't get you in the Christmas spirit...well, drink some more egg nog.

Display at Henri Bendel
The above display from Henri Bendel is probably one of my favs this year. HB partnered with the NYC Ballet to create this literal vision of sugar plums. The result? Oh-so-dreamy.

Window art from Lord & Taylor

Our friends at Lord & Taylor asked customers to help with this year's display by submitting their favorite holiday memories. Designers created this and 11 other amazing animated displays for this holiday season.

Tory Burch's Lite-Brite window display
All children of the 80's will appreciate this display by Burch and artist Timothy Paul-Myers made completely from Lite-Brite pegs. It took more than 2 million pegs to create more than 46 windows!

Display at Gump's
A music box in the shape of a 1960s television set provided the inspiration for Gump’s holiday windows, including this one,  this year.

Neiman Marcus holiday window display
Kiddos in downtown Dallas, TX are in for a real sweet treat this year with the first ever interactive window displays at Neiman Marcus. Kids ages four to ten can enter a crawlspace and explore the store’s holiday displays.

Are you as enamored with these beauteous window creations as I am?

Ok, well I'm off to do more (late) shopping!

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. What gorgeousness :) Thanks for sharing girl. Merry Christmas!

  2. this is one of the things i miss most about not being in manhattan at christmas! I LOVE the windows!

  3. I love store windows! My favorite is Tory Burch's - such a unique twist on the traditional Christmas window.

  4. cutie windows!!!!! :D


  5. I love the window displays! They are so much fun!!

  6. Gorgeous photos- thanks so much for posting! One day I will go back east and be able to see some:-)

  7. The light bright deer made me swoon!!! I wonder if this time of year is magical for window designers or stressful. You know they plan it for months in advance but it seems like such a rewarding job to see your art and vision come to life like that!

  8. I am loving all of these displays, so lovely!! I hope you get all of your Christmas shopping done and have a lovely Christmas.

  9. Fun! The Chicago windows are pretty great too, I did some late night shopping yesterday and spent much of the time gazing in awe! Happy Holidays! XO



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