Surviving the Holidays: {Fa La La}

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Glad tidings on this Tuesday morning …so delighted you stopped by.

Today is technically my Thursday at work, as tomorrow will be my last day for the week. We leave for the Windy City on Thursday morning and I couldn’t be happier!

So I finally finished my tree over the weekend and I think it turned out pretty well! I would show you, but  the fact that I am (for whatever reason) completely unable to move photos from my camera to my desktop is hindering that process at the moment. Which also means the photos of my cupcake will not be revealed today either. It's ok to cry...I know you're positively deflated.

Sooooo, we're gonna talk about something that requires no photos from le camera...Christmas songs.

I've got pretty nice playlist on regular rotation on my iPod, so I'll share a few of my favs with y'all and you can share your favs with me, m'kay?

Baby, It's Cold Outside- Glee Cast
This song is BRAND spanking new from the kids of Glee and I love it...so fun!

Wish List- Neon Trees
Another new one from a band I have grown to enjoy very much this year...check it out.

Love Came Down at Christmas- Jars of Clay
Cool sounding guitar intro and neat lyrics.

Joy to the World- Bebo Norman
I love his no-frills, straight acoustic guitar version of this Christmas classic. Plus I like to say his name. Beeeeboooo. Beeeeboooo. Bebo. (Ga'head, try it).

Go Tell it on the Mountain- NeedToBreathe
My fav band and one of my all-time favorite Christmas songs. What more can you say?

Born to Die- Bebo Norman
Gorgeous, goosebump-inducing song.

Carol of the Bells- The Bird and the Bee
Very cool, whimsical rendition of this song.

Oh Holy Night- Celine Dion
Oh man, does Ms. Dion do this song justice...wow.

Angels We Have Heard on High- MercyMe
I like their dramatic take on this older Christmas tune...nicely done, boys. Nicely done.

So I'm curious to know, what are some of YOUR favorite Christmas songs? What's on your holiday playlist right now?

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. the entire glee christmas is pretty good..I also adore Carrie Underwoods 5 song cd..her version of do you hear what i hear is amazing

  2. I LOVE romantic christmas songs! Celine Dion has a lot of 'em I really love.

  3. i can't read the rest of the post because i'm still cryin from no pictures. :(

  4. YEs you need Carrie Underwood Have Yourself a Merry little Christmas! So pretty :) xoxox Have a FAB TIME!!!

  5. Love all of these songs. Girl, you know I already spilled out my whole Christmas playlist on my blog a few posts back. Go check them out...favorites at the moment are off of Chris Tomlin's Glory in the Highest CD...inCREDible. Heard them live in concert a few nights ago, and it seriously touched my heart deeper than any songs have lately. Go listen! Check your mail in the next few days :)

  6. What a GREAT list!

    Here are a few more of my faves:

    "Christmastime" - Michael W. Smith

    "When Love Came Down" - Point of Grace

    "Christmas Must Be Something More - Taylor Swift

    Thanks so much for the new recommendations! I just YouTubed "Carol of the Bells" by The Bird and The Bee. Umm a million thank yous!

  7. I want that Glee song!!! :) And right now, I am OBSESSED with Straight, No Chaser and their Christmas stuff. O Holy Night from them is amazing. They're like Glee, but BETTER and all guys. Seriously. Go check them out stat! :) I also like Martina McBride's holiday stuff. ANd as annoying as it can be, Mariah's All I Want for Christmas is You still gets me swaying... :)

  8. LOVE your pics. My fav is Santa Baby. Thats how cheesy I am :)

  9. Hi sweetie! What a fabulous playlist, getting me so excited for the holidays!! Baby it's Cold Outside by the Glee Cast ROCKS!! :) Love ya girly! xoxo

  10. Drummer Boy by Jars of Clay is also amazing!!! (If you haven't listened to it) Amy Grant Home for the Holidays is a Christmas staple!!! Love the Glee version of Baby it's Cold Outside

    Much love,


  11. I am so bummed your camera isn't connecting with the desktop - I LOVE seeing people's trees :)

    I have been dying to download that glee soundtrack (my mom got it). I love your playlist. Mine has Taylor Swift's new CD, Julianne Hough's from last year, and my favorite of all time - Amy Grant's, "It's the Most wonderful Time of The Year"


    Have fun in the windy city! I have never been there before.

  12. Love those songs! Have a great time on your trip!

  13. Have SUCH a fun time in the city!! Jealous!

    embarrassing... but "All I Want for Christmas is You" M Carey edition is currently the ringtone...

  14. I love all this sharing of favorite Christmas tunes. I've picked up a few new ones to add to my playlist. Thanks!

  15. I love all of the artists you just mentioned, especially Bebo Norman and the Glee Cast! Have a safe trip!


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