Whad'ya get?

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Helloooo y'all...

Happy post-Christmas! I hope all of you beauties enjoyed the holiday weekend with your loved ones and friends as much as I did.

Although I'm always a little bummed when Christmas is over, I'm SOOO excited for the New Year!

So today, for lack of a better post-yuletide topic, I thought we'd all tell what Santa brought us. This year, I racked up on:

-A Kindle (my fav present this year!!)
-Gift certificates to Maude from my momma (yayyyyyy!!)
-A brand new Curly Girl painting
-LOTS of Christmas decor for next year
-Yummy smelling candles, bath salts, etc. (for pampering myself, tehehe)
-Some various cute little aprons from the Martha Stewart collection
-A Starbucks gift card from S's sweet Sis (Sarah, girl you did GOOD!)

..and much, much more!

So pray tell, what did you girls get from Mr. Claus this year?

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. ohh great loot!

    I got these tory burch leopard wedges ive been dying for, lots of kate spade and jcrew, a hot pink north face, and lots of milk glass and depression glass!

    im so excited for this week and nye! do you have a sparkly ensemble all picked out!

  2. Ooh fun! I got Eric a Kindle as well!! :) I got the perfume I wanted, a new color printer, and plenty of other fun stuff...more than I deserved. :)

  3. Oh, yay! I'm so happy to have found another southern belle blogger. :) I received a great pair of boots this year that I had been dying for! xo



  4. Oh my goodness... you did GOOD girl! :) I bet that Kindle is amazing! Maybe it will have to go on my wish list next year!

    Unfortunately I have reached the point in my big girl life where I am absolutely overjoyed for money for my new couch fund - hahaha. I also bought myself a Droid 2 phone for Christmas and I'm addicted!

    Wishing you a wonderful week! Love that photo!

  5. awesome, I love Kindles! And starbucks is always good! ; )

  6. I love those Curly Girl designs!! I love to read but I don't think I could ever be a Kindle girl. I just love holding an actual book?!

  7. Ooo, fun! I got lots of practical stuff (external card reader for my camera, memory card holder), some practical but fun stuff (ice cream attachment for my kitchenaid mixer, jeans and earmuffs) and beautiful earrings by a local artisan. And chocolate. And being around family - greatest gift ever.

  8. earphones
    Express giftcard
    Target giftcard
    iTunes giftcard
    and a Coach wallet

    and by you saying girls I bet i'm the only guy following this blog lol and debating if i should

  9. Hi Cameron! Rest assured, you aren't the only guy following this blog : ) Although it is kinda geared toward women, I do appreciate you following A Blonde Ambition and hope you'll continue to! : )

  10. A Curly Girl painting? Would love to see that, I'm a bit sad that Christmas is over too, xo.

  11. I've missed our blog! Sorry I've been so behind on commenting, but I'm BACK, I promise :) Sounds like your holiday was FAB, which you totally deserve. Loving all of your goodies. Can't wait to hear about your New Year's plans :)

  12. So glad you liked it! I used my shower gel this morning for the 1st time - ahhhhhmazing! :) seriously loved it! You'll have to give a review of the Kindle. i've wondered if I'd like one! Hope going back to work isn't too tough! ;)


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