A Girl's New BFF: {Vedette}

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I’m so excited to tell you girls about my favorite new thing! (Do I sound like OprIah? Haha)

I was recently approached by the seriously awesome team at Vedette, an Atlanta-based company that designs chic, sexy shapewear for modern women like us! Vedette is a fairly new company that is taking the lingerie industry by storm (i.e. y’all are going to be seeing A LOT of them very soon!)

The Items

I tried the Juliana and the Gianna!

Juliane and Gianna

5- Excellent

4- Good

3- So-So

2- Not so much

1-Forget it

Looks- 5

The thing that appealed to me most about Vedette was that it was downright sexy (hello Gianna!) Usually shapewear leaves MUCH to be desired in the way of sex appeal, (cough, cough…Spanx), but Vedette’s garments are so pretty. They resemble something off a lingerie catwalk in Milan versus something your Great Grandma Edna handed down to you. My fiancé even saw the Vedette catalog laying on my coffee table and said, “Hey! What’s that?!” Let’s just say I think he would have been all about me buying some Vedette, haha!

Comfort- 4

Since this was my first review, I wanted to really give it a true test, so I wore the Juliane to work on a jam-packed Wednesday to see if it was really comfy enough to sport for 8+ hours. Did it pass the test? Short answer- Yes!

I mean, it’s still shapewear, so I’m not sure I’d sleep in it, but it’s definitely the most comfortable of all the brands I’ve ever tried (and I’ve tried ‘em all!) I was still able to breathe and move around, and the straps stayed nice and snug on my shoulders (so no tugging or pulling on annoying straps all day.)

Bonus- Someone at work even commented that they could tell I had really been hitting the gym lately, haha! I didn’t tell them that I had a secret weapon underneath : )

Veronique and Renee

Functionality- 5

Finally, the mother of all questions- “Did it work?”

By George, it totally did! My pants zipped easily (I didn’t have to do the jump and pull thing- I know y’all know what I’m talking about), I had no bra lines, my clothing laid flatter than ever and any pudge I’d accumulated from one too many trips to Sonic lately just disappeared.

For real ladies, I would recommend Vedette over ANY other shapewear on the market. I liked it so much, it’s very likely I’ll be wearing it down the aisle under my dress come September 17!

Visit Vedette’s website to browse their amazing products or get a catalog for yourself! You can also 'Like' them on Facebook or Follow them on Twitter!

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. I just won a Vedette giveaway on Lulapalooza Blog and I couldn't be happier! Sexy, comfortable, and flattering!!!

  2. Hmm it looks like they only offer S, M, L type sizes. Which isn't so helpful to those of us with M waists but not M tatas. It's my complaint about VS also (i know, not shapewear) - they don't accommodate larger chests very well, how hard is it to make a D cup in pretty lingerie.

  3. great review! heading over the website now!

  4. i want some of this! please do share! i'd love to do a test :)

  5. i AM INSPIRED BEYOND BELIEF TO INVEST IN A BUNCH OF THESE!! I mean it is cute to wear loose clothes I love it. But sometimes I just want to express my curves without exposing all the bumps. And plus you look sexy in your head UNDERNEATH your clothes. WIN WIN.

    because who doesn't want to look sexy in their heads?


  6. I literally just searched your blog to find this post again to find something to wear on my big day next year! thanks for the honest review!


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