A Really Belated Memorial Day Weekend Recap

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Hey, girls, hey! I cannot believe I haven't blogged since last Friday....eep! That's a LONG time in my book, but then again, I'm a blogging addict and can't go for more than a couple days without having withdrawals. It's pathetic, really.

I'm going to warn you right now. The following content in this post may bore you to the point of tears (I apologize in advance.) If you're up to it though, here's a little recap of what we did this past Memorial Day weekend:

Saturday we visited Stephen's parents and sisters in Fort Smith (about an hour away from where we live.) His little sis graduated high school last week and they had a fun post-graduation party for her. It was a blast to spend the day and night catching up with his sweet fam.

And we got to see Sarah and Ava while there....LOVE both of those girls to pieces!

Sunday and Monday were spent on Beaver Lake, driving around the lake in the boat. We got lots of sun and, dare I say, the beginnings of what could turn into a great summer tan. A few pics:

My two fav boys lounging on the sun pad of the boat...

Mr. Ari, keeping watch over the front of the boat...

Me in my designer swimsuit $20 Target bikini. I don't usually post swimsuit pics (why would I want to subject you innocent bystanders to that), but I'm kinda proud of the work I've been doing in the gym lately : )

My hottie fiance in his "I'm the King of the World!" pose. Is it possible to be more and more attracted to someone as time goes on? I do believe it is!

This coming weekend, I'll be getting ready for a work trip to Chicago, but you better believe we'll be working in a boat outting that Saturday before I leave : )

What did y'all do this past weekend? Anything exciting or did you just take it easy?

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. If I looked like that in a bikini I would post swimsuit pics every day on my blog!! Hahahaha!! Looks like a fantastic time!

  2. that looks like the perfect mem day celebration! I would give anything to be out on a boat right now!

  3. Love that suit! I got it in white! Looking fab by the way! Congrats on all the hard work :)

  4. I saw those pics on facebook and was a wee bit jealous of the beautiful day on the water! We did have a fun picnic with friends though - can't beat a day with friends + food!

  5. I love Chicago! The summer is the best time to visit, too. Have a blast lady!

  6. Wow! You are so beautiful! Your pup and boyfriend are pretty easy on the eyes too ;) Love the bikini, I think I might go pick that one up.

  7. First of all, you look great! Your work is fo sho paying off :)

    2nd, I'm jealous of your time on the boat! And 3rd, me and my hubbs will be in Chicago in 2 weeks and I can't wait! I actually got the hat that you have after I saw it in a post a couple of months ago.

    I'm a copycat...no excuses.

  8. check you out, girl! good for you for being diligent and hitting the gym. i also spent my weekend on a boat…and it was absolutely perfect :)

  9. You're looking fab and have inspired me girly! Go you :-) XXX

  10. Great bikini...you look hot. If you got it flaunt it right??

  11. Sounds like a wonderful weekend sweetie! You look amazing, and I love your itsy bitsy bikini! :) xo


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