Shopping with Leslie: {SS edition}

Hola, amigas! Hope you all enjoyed a fantastic weekend wherever you happened to spend it. S and I dedicated most of our weekend to working on the yard (him) and buying a new summer wardrobe (me). It was a big ole time.

I get lots and lots of emails about store recommendations, where I shop, etc., so I decided to do another Shopping with Leslie post, just like this one from this winter.

I hadn’t really planned on executing a shopping mission on Saturday, but after waking up Friday morning and trying on 15 different outfits only to realize I suddenly hated every item in my closet, I decided it was time to invest in some new warm weather clothes. (And the award for longest run-on sentence goes to….)

Here are the items I picked up this weekend, complete with links so y’all can check em out too!

Sunny Side Dress and Scarlet Stripes Dress from Francesca’s Collections. I actually found the Scarlet Stripes Dress in a Melon color in the store and that’s what I bought, but they have Black and Red online.

I guess I can call myself a “former Maxi dress hater” now because for some reason, I am loving long dresses this season. Especially the Embroidered Maxi from Forever 21. Do you hear that? That chomping noise? It’s the sound of me eating my words…

And I got some bangles, just because.

I needed a new cropped jacket, so I picked up this cutie from Forever 21. Oh, and this Bedazzled Empire Waist Cami, too. Stephen said the jacket reminded him of Tawney Kitain. I said I’d take that as a compliment because she was smokin’ back in her White Snake days : )

Apparently, I am very into white pants and shorts this year. I am just begging to have a pot of spaghetti sauce or pitcher of Kool-Aid dumped onto me, I guess.

Jolt Cuff Shorts from Nordstrom and AG Adriano Goldschmeid Super Skinny Pants from Shop Bop (but I got mine at a local boutique!)

All in all, a productive shopping weekend. I wish I could tell you that I got all of that for $120, but sadly, I did not. It was a small fortune. But that’s ok, because I haven’t been clothes shopping in over 3 (yes, you read that correctly) months! It was time, y’all.

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. 3 months? Wow - that is incredible. Looks like you are set for Spring - and probably well into summer. Love the white skinnies - they look thicker than most but seem to hit at all of the right spots.

    Don't you just love forever 21? I find the best stuff there.

  2. I had a bit of a shopping extravaganza this weekend myself! I'm not sure 2 pairs of white jeans was necessary, but I went for it :)

  3. I got those exact same white pants!

  4. I've been a shopping maniac lately. I have just this one more $10 off coupon to use then it's NOTHING till it's time to shop for fall again. Well, just a little bit here and there is ok but that's it. Cute finds!!

  5. So jealous of your new summer clothes... the dress is beautiful. I need some new summer stuff :)

  6. I have said about rompers what you said about maxi dresses. But, lately I have been tempted to like them!
    I have one simple black maxi dress that I LOVE to travel in and wear on Saturdays! Also, I didn't realize Francesca’s has a website! Yay!

  7. Leslie,

    Great finds! And I own those exact same pants too!


  8. Cute cute cute! Great finds! I loved that yellow dress when I saw it at Francescas! I bet it looks so great on you! I've been on a spending hiatus, so I've been staying far far away from the mall. :)

  9. Cute! White is such a classy choice.
    Just stopped by and loved your blog!

    - S from Following the Walkers (www.unefillesleigh.blogspot.com)

  10. Great selections - I love the white pants! All your new clothes are perfect for summer.

  11. stop it right now I love Francesca's! Cant wait to get back to that store.

  12. Im jealous!! I love the white jeans! Everything you got is super cute!

  13. I am loving the maxi dress! I just bought one this weekend too!


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