I 'Do: {Your Perfect Bridal Hairstyle}

Though I’m already pretty certain of how I’m going to wear my hair for our wedding, I am still loving sifting through photos on Tumblr sites and Pinterest pages in search of glorious hair do’s.

I believe that your hair should reflect your personality on your wedding day. For instance, if you are casual and carefree, you wouldn’t want to wear a tight, structured chignon for your nuptials, would you?

If you are looking for hair inspiration for a wedding, party, prom or sorority formal, find your “style” below and look to those hairstyles for inspiration.

Aren’t sure which Bride Style you are? See which of the checklists match you the most!

Boho Bride

This bride:

-Prefers barefeet to leather stilettos

-Says you’re more likely to find Bob Marley than Mozart on her iPod

-Loves a flowy skirt and the occasional moccasin

Romantic Bride

This bride:

-Enjoys her chick flicks. Her DVD collection is dominated by films like Kate and Leopold, Sense and Sensibility and Atonement.

-Would vacuum her house in a lace dress and white gloves if she could.

-DVR’d the Royal Wedding and has already watched it 32 times.

Sophisticated Bride

This bride:

-May not live in Paris or New York, but you’d swear she did if you saw her.

-Has a perfectly placed, hard-back edition of Peter Lindburgh’s Grace: Thirty Years of Fashion at Vogue on her coffee table at all times.

-Will be wearing Vera on her big day.

Classic Bride

This bride:

-Is the embodiment of a modern day Joan from Mad Men

-Registered for fine china knowing full well she might never use it.

-Prefers a pencil skirt and peep toe to a skinny jean and a wedge.

Vintage Bride

This bride:

-Fills her house with antiques, recovered furniture and first-edition books.

-Will be wearing her grandmother’s pearls on her wedding day.

-Always chooses something old over something new.

Which bride are you? Take the quiz above and let me know!

Single girls- It's never too early to nail down your bride style for your future big day!

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. I like boho hair best - so pretty

    I adore your blog! I'm following!

    Would love you to enter my CHANEL giveaway:



  2. I'd have to say I was a "classic" bride, but I just adore the styles from the "romantic" bride! Great post!


  3. i am definitely a classic! No question about it

  4. I think that I am a combo between the romantic and the sophisticated!

  5. Great post! I'm not planning a wedding (yet haha), but what a great way to start looking for hair styles! Love it.


  6. hi, first time visitor here. where was this post when i got married 2.5 yrs ago?!?!? i loved all these. i'm definately more a fan of the "undone" look (which is really harder to accomplish than the done look).

    nice meeting you!


  7. I love the classic and romantic bride! These are some really great examples and I want to try some! (:

  8. I can't wait to see how you fix your hair for the wedding!

  9. What a fabulous post! Classic, sophisticated, and romantic styles rang the most bells with me. :)

  10. Not that I am getting married anytime soon, but I'd definitely be the Romantic Bride. Love all these ideas.

  11. I love the romantic and vintage! Thanks for all the gorgeous ideas!

  12. I'm a vintage romantic no questions asked about that.


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