Trend Watch Wednesday: {Red, White and Blue}

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Though it looks like it will probably be a soggy one, Memorial Day weekend is only a few days away!

In honor of this national holiday, I figured we do a little stars and stripes tribute to fashion, if you will. A Blonde Ambition wants to show you how to pull off a patriotic-inspired ensemble without looking redonkulous.

The Patriot Act (of dressing fashionably)

It’s a Two Parter:

Rule #1- Don’t wear red, white and blue all together. You can wear red and blue, white and red, blue and white, but PLEASE don’t wear all three colors prominently at the same time. You’ll look like a walking Uncle Sam poster.

Rule #2- Memorial Day (and any hot weather holiday, for that matter) seems to compel women everywhere to reach for the skimpiest, skankiest outfits in their closets. I feel this can best be expressed in an equation:

Bedazzled bikini top + frayed stonewashed Daisy Duke shorts X a matching blingy American Flag belly ring = No ma’am.

The simple truth is, no one wants to see your G-string hanging out of the back of your shorts. Nor do we want to see your rear end every time you bend over in that hot mess you call a dress. Being somewhat conservative is a good thing, girls. And that goes for anytime of the year, m’kay?

Below, some way more adorable options for a patriotic holiday from our friends at ASOS.com

White Kick Flare Jeans and Summer Dress with Off the Shoulder in White

This casual tank top and light pant combo makes a perfect no-frills outfit; a nice alternative to the pant is this dress, also casual enough for warm weather! Kate Bosworth pulls it off nicely below!

These adorable shorts and blouses outfits are cute enough to go from the picnic to an evening party on the lake!

Seamed Hot Pants and Chiffon Panel Balloon Sleeve Top

In search of something a little more dressy? The four dresses below are so chic while still being appropriate for the Memorial Day holiday.

Hybrid Contrast Waist Keyhold One Shoulder Dress and Flutter Sleeve dress, similar here

Asymmetric Maxi Strap Dress and Aqua Cut Out Cuckoo Dress

The best accessories to wear with the red/white/blue combos are subtle and minimalistic. Try a watch in white with gold metal details, or a bold cuff. Black also polishes the look off superbly...

River Island Animal Print Metal Cuff in Gold, Octagonal Faceted Stone Stud Earrings in Black, Leatherette Strap Watch with Metal Dial

What will you wear this weekend? Something perky and patriotic? Or rainboots and highwater pants, like we Arkansas residents probably will be?
Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. The weather forecast here doesn't look favorable for wearing anything cute as rain is predicted every day so I'll be reaching for my rain boots.

  2. I love the red dress!! I agree completely with Rule #2 but I mostly have that saying around halloween time! haha!

  3. Perfectly described - and you're right, what is with the skanky flag outfits on the 4th?! Glad to hear it is not just a Washington thing.

  4. Oh my goodness! Those flare jeans and American flag tank are SO AMAZING!

  5. That blue maxi is deeeevine!!! The colour would look fabuloso on us blondes :-) XXX

  6. Love that American flag tank. Super cute!!!


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