A Blend, A Baptism

I'm bummed that this pic is a little blurry and dark, but love that we captured our family of three on such a special day!

I don't touch on religion or faith very often on here, but I did want to share about a very special weekend for our family.

Caroline Rose was baptized at our church, Central United Methodist, yesterday and it was such a special occasion. Our pastor, the same pastor that married us in 2011, performed the ceremony and it was so beautiful. It was touching to see the entire congregation come together to welcome Caroline into the Methodist church family.

Back when we were married, we decided to join the Methodist Church because it was the perfect blend of Stephen's upbringing (Catholic) and mine (Baptist). We loved to imagine the day that we'd have a baby and be able to baptize her in the church, then one day tell her the story of how her mommy and daddy chose a faith that blended their backgrounds. She is the first of our little family of three to be baptized into the UMC and so it was really special for us and the culmination of our faith journey as a married couple.

So, to any young couples out there who may be from different faith backgrounds, know that it can be done - pretty easily, in fact! Whether you find a middle ground like we did, or if one of you converts to join the other, it can absolutely work. I'm a big believer in the adage that we all serve the same God, and He will show up no matter what the church looks like : )

Yesterday, both of our families joined us for the ceremony and it was such a beautiful thing. We are lucky to be surrounded by such supportive parents, siblings and grandparents. And little Caroline will always be surrounded by the same.

Here are a few photos from after the service with family.


  1. What a beautiful celebration! Love her outfit and flower headpiece. :)

  2. Gorgeous photos! Was thinking of your family last night/this morning. Hope all is well after the storms, and you had no problems.

  3. While I was raised Methodist and truly love my church and denomination, I agree that we all serve the same God. Welcome to God's great big family, sweet Caroline :)!

  4. What lovely photos, sweet caroline is just a doll. I like hearing how blended Faith families make it work, we certainly try to make sure our daughter has some guidance and yet freedom when it comes to Religion. Lovely little family xx

  5. This makes my heart happy! What a glorious day celebrating a precious little life! And Leslie, you look FANTASTIC! Pretty mama!

  6. Baby girl is so blessed! So glad that you shared a little about your background! :)

  7. Congratulations, Caroline! What a beautiful family photo! I'm sure that will be one you treasure. :)

  8. She is growing up so fast - what a little gem. Congrats, Sweet Caroline!!

  9. Congrats on this very special day. I must say, you look amazing in that mint dress. Not to be upstaged by Miss Caroline though.

  10. Blessings on the baptism. It always makes me a little sad when people leave their faith tradition, or when both spouses give up their religion for the sake of compromise. I'm glad you found a way to "make it work." + Peace +

    1. Sorry - maybe I should have phrased it differently... I actually meant that I'm happy that you two were able to find a way to "blend" your faiths and practice something as a family without just giving up on faith or religion all together. I didn't mean it as a criticism of you or your husband. When people can't make it work the way you two have, and they leave their faith, that's what makes me sad. Again, blessings on the baptism.

  11. Oh my goodness, what a precious looking family.

    I totally understand the process of finding a church 'home', we're attending a Methodist church again, and we're both happy.

    God Bless.


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