Arkansas Strong

It's been quite a week in Arkansas, which isn't news to anyone. The tornadoes that hit Central AR on Sunday night completely devastated cities like Vilonia and Mayflower, taking with them homes, belongings and, tragically, lives.

Graphic by Josh Phillips 

My parents were actually on the way back to their hometown in Heber Springs, which is also located in the central part of the state. Thankfully, they beat the storms by the skin of their teeth and were off of I-40 (the interstate that runs to the central part of Arkansas) right before they swept through.

Others were not so lucky.

The Smith family of Vilonia lost their two children, sons ages 7 and 8. Go here to read their story. (Warning: you'll need tissue. Or a towel.)

I cannot imagine what those parents must be going through right now. It isn't fair. It makes me sad. It also makes me mad. It makes me question why God allows some things to happen.

I'm human. I'm imperfect. And, sometimes, His plans don't make sense to me.

They aren't meant to, I suppose.

I ask you today to please pray for the Smith family, as well as others who were affected by Sunday's storms. Pray that the victims will somehow find a sense of peace during this chaotic aftermath.

Also, count your blessings. The dirty clothes, the dishes piled high in the sink, the crying baby, the snoring husband, the car that makes funny noises. For it is during times like this that these "annoyances" become the biggest gifts imaginable.

See you back here tomorrow, friends.


  1. My heart aches for the families of Arkansas. It wasn't long ago Alabama was suffering the same devastation. I feel the same as you, I can't understand why this happens, where it happens and to whom it happens. It puts a huge hole in my soul. Your words are lovely and the prayers will be swift and often for all of those effected by these storms. oxox

    PS You're so right - the little things you get a chance to be annoyed by, are grand things when you think about so many that go without those things in their lives anymore. ox

  2. I am absolutely devastated after reading that post. Praying for their family and all families affected. I hope you're able to continue to stay safe and this storm season passes quickly without anymore tornados.

  3. Tears. Lifting this family in prayer.

  4. Oh my goodness! I couldn't even imagine what that family is going through right now...or any other families that are struggling right now in Arkansas.

    California is sending so much love and prayers to you all!!! <3 <3

    -Ashlee Michelle

  5. I've been reading all the articles and my heart is just breaking. I can't imagine a home completely gone, taking people with it. I'm praying.

  6. I lived in Mayflower for 6 years, I was glued to the tv when it all happened, moved back to my hometown not quite 2 years ago. I still have friends in Conway and luckily, they are all fine. But my heart is just broken for Central AR. Such an incredible story of faith by the Smith family.

  7. So much devastation. There are things to be thankful for though. I have a friend whose daughter lived near the site of the tornadoes that struck three years ago in Ringgold, GA. Thankfully, she wasn't injured nor did she lose anything. She now lives in, of all places, Tupelo, MS, which was hit by a tornado Monday night, just one day after the three year anniversary of the Ringgold tornado. Again, she is fine and didn't lose anything. I'm so glad that you and your parents are ok!!

  8. Thank you for sharing this, Leslie. My heart is broken for that sweet family, but I am so, SO glad that they know Jesus and can rely on Him during this terrible time. Praying for Arkansas.


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