Can You Find Happiness for 100 Days Straight?

You've probably all seen the "100 Days of Happy" thing going around Facebook and Instagram lately. I know I have. And I absolutely love the thought behind this. (You can find the website here.)

Do something, anything, every single day that evokes a feeling of pure happiness and record it through a photo. Simple enough, right?

For most of us that are on Instagram, we post a picture darn near every day. Mine, admittedly, are almost exclusively photos of my kiddo, something for which I refuse to apologize. She is one of my greatest happinesses, as is my husband, (but I think it might be a big gag-inducing and slightly awkward to dedicate a photo a day to him), but I love the idea of challenging myself to look for happiness in less obvious places, too.

Anyway, I love the idea of starting this little project. Taking one photo of something that made me happy that day. It can be as simple as a perfect glass of Chianti or as emotionally charged as seeing my daughter hit a major milestone. It just has to be happy.

I've seen others using the hashtag #100happydays (fitting...ha!)

I plan to start tomorrow, so please let me know if you intend to play along. My username is ablondeambition and you can also find me here.

Anyone doing this currently? Anyone else want to take part in this with me?


  1. I am! Go through their website and sign up! The hashtag is #100happydays


  2. That's awesome! I'll update the hashtag in the post above - thank you for sharing, girl!

  3. I love this idea so much! I may just have to join in with you :)

  4. I have been doing it for about a month and enjoy it! I'll add you on insta now.

  5. I am participating as well! http://jaredandjackiroche.blogspot.com/


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