Confessional Friday: {Link Up}

Let's get right to it, shall we? It's been a crazy busy week here, so I'm chopping at the bits to have some fun today ; )

1) I confess that I cannot believe my baby will be SIX months old on Monday. Will someone please explain to me where the last half a year has gone?

2) I confess that I nearly lost my mind at the store last week when someone reached in the shopping cart to pull a teether toy out of Caroline's mouth. I was staring at them in disbelief and the lady goes, "I just wanted to see what that sweet little mouth looked like!" I pulled the rude mom card and said, "Don't touch my baby, please." And then booked it out of there. How random and weird, right?

Even weirder, is that this happened in the same store, but with a pacifier when she was about two months old.

3) I confess that I've done some major damage at Loft lately because their spring sweaters are bliss. I mean, they have so many styles and just about everything was marked waaaaay down.
Okay, sorry to keep this short, but I have a baby that majorly needs a nap : )



  1. I can't believe someone would take a toy from a baby! What was she thinking? Just ask, don't take. And I love spring sweaters, need to check out Loft!

  2. oh my im glad you got out of there quickly, i cant believe people do these things to babies.. so unfair.

  3. People's nerve kill me. Love that you told her not to touch your baby!

  4. Why do people feel the need to be all touching when it comes to little kids? So weird!!!

  5. I've read your blog for a long time and never commented, but as a new mom myself, I am just in disbelief over your second confession. I would have lost it for sure! It sounds like you handled it well.

  6. My baby is two weeks old today and I could cry, I'm so sad she's growing up already!!

    Any recommendations for inexpensive but cute nursing friendly clothes? I don't want to wear tshirts and uncute clothes the entire time she's nursing!

  7. I can't believe a stranger would reach in & touch your baby! That is so crazy! Some people need boundaries!

    Crumbs & Curls

  8. I can't believe that lady!!! Heck no. Don't touch other people's babies. How about just don't touch other people?


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