Confessional Friday: {Link-Up}

Lots of randomness going on for Confessional Friday, so read up and play along, friends!

1) I confess that I cheated on the Mystic Tan with Versa...and I'm not even sorry. I'm a fan of spray tanning. If you've read my blog for any amount of time, you know this. Back in October, I tried the Versa spray booth for the first time and fell in brown, misty love. It created a much smoother looking tan than the Mystic, plus it was a more pleasant experience. The color, for me anyway, was closer to the color achieved through natural sunlight, (read: no orange.) Anywho, I did it again right before Easter last weekend to combat my pastiness and loved the color again. So, if you enjoy a good spray tan, I'd suggest using this over the Mystic any day of the week.

2) I confess that I devoured (partially) a cinnamon roll the size of my head for lunch yesterday. I'm not sorry about that either.

3) I confess that I have absolutely not one thing accomplished for Caroline's baptism/dedication party on Sunday. Not one single thing. Oh, except she has an outfit for the service and another for her party! And Stephen and I have our clothes picked out. So if nothing else, we shall be well-dressed. Our poor party attendees may end up eating PB&Js if I don't get some things accomplished today. Whoops!

4) I confess that I believe I may have gone the better part of yesterday morning with my pants unzipped. This is true. I have this pair of white jeans that I LOVE, but the zipper is crap. Around 10:00 a.m.-ish yesterday morning, I went to the restroom at work and noticed that the fly had come undone. This was after I'd gone to a strategy meeting to discuss a big project. Gotta love walking around looking like a Kindergarten boy.

5) I confess that Stephen took off work today to be home with the baby and me, and I am PUMPED. Is it wrong that I selfishly love the prospect of doing the grocery shopping sans kiddo today? Well, if it is, then I don't want to be right.

Your turn, fair maids and maidens. Tell me what's been on your mind this week!


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  1. I've had that happen before with pants! It's the worst!

    Crumbs & Curls

  2. I'm going to have to try the Versa tan, thanks for the suggestion!

    Last week I tried a sample Tan Towel from Ulta, and although I saw a slight change in color, I wasn't blown away. No orange, no weird oder, but just meh. And my poor mancake had to help wipe me down :(

    Spray tanning is a MUCH better alternative!

  3. I wish I could send you a picture of HOW pale I am. Also, I cannot wait to see your outfits!

  4. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to grocery shop sans le bebe! I always get excited when I have a chance to do so!:) Hope you have a wonderful weekend Leslie! Can't wait for pictures/updates on sweet Caroline's dedication - Caleb's dedication was such a special day for our little family!:)

  5. I went through a phase where I was pretty embarrassed to find my fly open...except it was my fault. For some reason I kept forgetting to put it up. I rarely wear pants with zippers these days so it's not been a problem lately!!

  6. ....but cinnamon rolls are amazing! So that makes it fine then, right? ;)

  7. Yes, I am a fan of Versa! It rates so much higher for me than mystic, definitely not interchangeable!

  8. I have the zipper problem on my favorite jeans all of the time! I had come across a photo that had illustrated using a key ring to attach to the zipper and loop around the button. It hides it's self completely and I actually now have a ring on every pair of jeans for this exact reason! (and no need to remove for washing!)


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