Confessional Friday: {Link-Up}

Happy Friday, loves! Hope you are as excited about the week drawing to a close as I am. Let's confess, shall we?

1) I've been a bad blogger this week. Caroline graciously gifted me with the stomach bug she picked up at daycare, so I've been out of commission the past couple days. Here's hoping it moves on out by the weekend because I sure would like to have some fun!

2) I forgot to get Ruby out of the bed on Wednesday, so she slept until 2:00 p.m! Our mini doxie sleeps in the bed with us and, for whatever reason, I completely forgot to get her out of the bed when I got up on Wednesday morning. It dawned on me around 2:00 that afternoon that she was still in there, so I went in the bedroom, pulled back the comforter and she was still snoozing away, ha!

3) Our child hates eating all solids. Except Cracker Barrel mashed potatoes. Before I expound, I should say that we don't feed our child restaurant mashed potatoes on a regular basis ; ) However, we ate at Cracker Barrel the other night and she was staring down our taters. So, we let her taste some and she LOVED them. (But, who wouldn't love CB's mashed potatoes?)

Other than that, we've had zero luck getting her to eat solids. We've tried sweet potatoes, avocado, green beans and carrots, all to no avail. We are going to stay the course, though, because I think once she gets over the texture, she'll like them. (We aren't ready to introduce fruits just yet. Our doc cautioned against that until the veggies are established. I really think her aversion to real food is just a texture thing and she'll eventually love to eat. Let's hope so, or she won't fit in with this family, ha!)

4) Not a confession, but did Jameis Winston really steal crab legs?? Apparently so. Ridiculous, dude. My question is, where did you think you were going to hide them? I mean....what the??

5) On a happier note, I confess that it is Friday and time to party! And to we mommas, that means a Starbucks run and maybe staying up until 10:30 tonight ; ) (Living on the edge, y'all!)

It's been a pretty unexciting week, so I'll let y'all take it from here! What have you got for me today?


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  1. Often times babies (& children in general) need to be exposed to foods multiple times (sometimes even 10) before they like them. Keep on truckin' on... I'm sure C will come around. :)

  2. Maybe you could try some baby led weaning? Google it, you give them larger chunks of things to kind of suck/knaw on. We did a combo of purees and BLW, my little one loved chomping on whole asparagus. Good luck!

  3. Stealing crab legs??? What the what? That may just be the strangest thing I've heard all week! I'm sure your little lovey will be eating everything up in no time - she just does't quite know what she's missing yet. Our little guy didn't know what the heck was going on when we gave him avocado for the first time, and wasn't interested in it at all. Now, he loves it so much, he mashes it all over his face and into his hair while eating. Oh, what fun for Mommy to clean up:) Have a good weekend, sweet girl!

  4. Jameis Winston - HA! What a mo-roon, as Bugs Bunny used to say. Apparently, J's mommy didn't get the veggies before fruit memo from the doctor sooooo, J loves him some fruit. But, she's been mixing veggies up with the fruit and he happily chows down! She'll eat when she's ready!

  5. lol I can't believe your dog slept that long!! We have a mini doxie too and she sometimes sleeps in our bed, but that is too funny! She must have been comfy. Hope you are all recovering from the flu fast - no fun!

  6. Chase wasn't interested in solids at all when we started (which was at 6 months). Finally, close to 8 months, he started eating them. The doctor wasn't worried because he was an avid nurser and was doing great size-wise. He ate solids from about 8 months until 10.5 months - after that, he wanted big people food! I tell people he just wanted to skip the baby food stage.

  7. That is hilarious about Ruby! My dogs would NOT let that happen lol

  8. AHH!! This is the first Confessional Friday I haven't participated in in what seems like FOREVER. It doesn't feel like Friday to me without it. I posted something different because I felt like it was a more pressing issue to get out there today, but now I'm quickly regretting this decision lol.


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