Confessional Friday: {Link Up}

1) I confess that I'm dying to see Million Dollar Arm! I love a good sports movie and it looks like a fantastic film. Plus, um....John Hamm. Enough said ; )

2) I confess that I'm beside-myself-excited for date night tonight! One of the girls from Caroline's daycare is coming to take care of her and I'm so excited. Our daycare experience hasn't been the best, but Maria (or St. Maria, as we refer to her) has been the one beacon of light that came out of it, haha! Caroline loves her and Maria takes awesome care of her.

3) I confess that I would really like an Egg McMuffin write now. You know those people who are all, "Ewww, McDonald's. I would never!" Well, that's not me. I'll proudly admit that I'm not above a delicious McMuffin or large order of piping hot Mickey D's fries. Judge away.

Reminds me of this BRILLIANT bit by Jim Gaffigan. PLEASE watch this. Please. I die laughing every time. (If you only have a moment, fast forward to the 5:45 mark.)

4) I confess that I have proudly kept our house clean for one full week. The realtor is coming on Monday morning to photograph our house, so I've been trying to get in the habit of keeping it "show ready". It has darn near killed me, but darn it, I've done it. Let's all hope for a quick sale. 

Alright, girls! Your turn. Confess to me. 


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  1. No matter how hard I try I cannot keep our house clean, and we don't have kids- so good for you!!! Have fun on date night :)

    Happy Friday!


  2. That video is hilarious. I've been trying to not eat at any fast food restaurants lately, because I'm trying to save $$ and eat healthier (at home), but gosh darn if I don't cave for those fries and a sweet tea every. single. time!

  3. I agree.... Sometimes there is nothing better than a large order of McDonald's french fries.. And a diet dr pepper ; ) major cheating!! Jim Gaffigan is one of my favorite comedians.
    Have a great date night! And a blessed weekend :)

  4. have fun on date night, date nights are wonderful
    i hope day care works out for you asap bc it sucks to leave her at a place that isnt good.

  5. We always bust a gut listening to Jim Gaffigan. His bacon montage is hilarious too. Good luck with your house selling!

  6. Keeping the house clean is the hardest thing ever. Every time I watch the previews for Million Dollar Arm I get chills, I cannot wait to go see it.

  7. I, too, want to see Million Dollar Arm.
    I wish I was closer so I could babysit!
    I can't help but crave those fries now. Jim G. is the best.
    Yay for a clean house! I need to accomplish this too! Don't know how I missed that y'all are moving!

  8. Keeping a house 'show ready' with a baby is hard work! Ours has been on the market for a while now, so I totally know how you feel, sweet girl. Hoping yours sells quickly so you don't have to deal with it for too long! Hope you have a good weekend:)

  9. Keeping your house 'show ready' is the most annoying thing ever! I HATE it!! Have a great weekend :)!

    Crumbs & Curls

  10. Enjoy date night with hubby :) I always love stopping by to read your Confessional Friday Post !

  11. I'm stealing your and confessing that sometimes I find nothing more satisfying than McDonald's fries! And the chicken nuggets. I know that they are that pink foamy stuff, but I can't help myself!

    PS - I hate hearing that the daycare situation hasn't been ideal. There's nothing worse! But, I'm so glad you've found someone you trust there. Nothing like a date night!

  12. Honey, I don't know how you do it. I don't have any kids, and I live alone, and I STILL can't keep my own house clean. It's ridiculous. Mad props to you for keeping up with it. :)


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