This and That

It's Friday Eve! And, if that isn't reason enough to celebrate, I don't know what is.

1. I was finally reunited with the best cleanser ever yesterday, Obagi-C's C-Cleansing Gel. I found it on Amazon, naturally. One of my roomies in college worked for a dermatologist who sold the stuff and I was hooked. I had trouble finding it for a while, so I switched back to Mary Kay's Timewise Cleanser, which I still like a lot. But this stuff makes my face feel SO clean.

2. How would y'all feel about turning next week's Confessional Friday into an easy dinner recipe link-up? Like, maybe we each post two or three recipes that are staples in our homes, then link up to share? I'm stuck in the dreaded cooking rut, so I need some new culinary inspiration.

3. I've had a couple emails from folks wanting to know how to link up for Confessional Friday, so I thought I'd give the run-down for anyone else out there that's new to link-up participation!

-First, you'll just type up your Confessional Friday post. Just "confess" anything you'd like. The key is to have fun! (And keep it light.) I don't want to know if you've committed any felonies or have any weirdo fetishes. Let's just keep that to ourselves, m'kay?

-After your post is written, you'll come back here to my blog. At the bottom of my Confessional Friday post here, there will be a blue button that says (fittingly), "Add your link."

Next, click it, Barb!

(Screen shot of this section is above.)

-Next, you'll be directed to another page (the above) to enter your info. Just copy and paste the link to your blog post, then type in "Confessional Friday" in the Link Title box. Lastly, input your email address. Please note that no one will see your email address, it is simply to verify that you're a real person and not a robot or a spammer : ) (Or a terrorist. Or someone who doesn't like Velveeta. That's just un-American.)

-During the step above, you can also select a thumbnail image, if you wish to display one. You don't have to, though. But, by all means, we'd love to see your beautiful face!

-Then click "done!"

-That's it, gals. You're in like Flint.

The first rule of Confessional Friday is you do NOT talk about Confessional Friday. (Kidding. Fight Club reference. Shout out to Mr. Pitt.)


Well, that's about as exciting as it gets, isn't it? I do hope you'll be able to compose yourselves and get on with your day after this enthralling blog post. 

Back here. Tomorrow. Same time. Same place. I'll bring the words, y'all bring the...anything. Anything you'd like to bring.


  1. I think a recipe would be a great idea! Always looking for something new to try.


  2. A recipe link up would be fun! I love trying new things. I'll be participating tomorrow for the very first time! :)



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