Because Baby Girls Need Ruffles

Ruffles. Frills. Lace. Poofy things. Twirling. Fluffy skirts.

All things synonymous with being Mom to a little girl. And I puffy-pink-heart LOVE every moment of it.

You can probably imagine my excitement when McKinli, awesome entrepreneur and fellow momma who is behind Mommy's Little Sunshine, emailed to see if I'd be interested in sharing her Petti Skirts with the blogging community.

After 1.5 seconds of thinking, I answered with an enthusiastic 'yes'!

And yes, she was well-supervised with that bracelet : )

I had some time over the weekend to dress up Miss Thang and let her be all cute and babyish while I snapped a few pics. Oh. My. The preciousness was too much to handle.

I had been wanting some super girly pics of Caroline for a while, so this Petti Skirt and coordinating head band were the perfect attire for her to wear. I love the beautiful (and perfect for summer) shade of aqua, too!

I love, love, love this store and wanted to share with anyone out there who may have a little girl, niece cousin, etc. These would also make the BEST baby shower gifts!

Check out Mommy's Little Sunshine for your next frilly, girly gift!


*The skirt and headband in this post was generously gifted by Mommy's Little Sunshine. Opinions are my own.


  1. So precious! Love the pictures!

  2. SO cute!! Love the tulle ruffles!

    The Style Storm
    <3, Christina

  3. I can't even handle it!! So cute!

  4. Oh my goodness! So cute and sweet!!

  5. We have the aqua romper from Mommy's Little Sunshine and it photographed beautifully!! Love it!

  6. so adorable! I like the a lot more too than a lot of those just "tutus" you see out there for little girls. She's so precious!

  7. Oh my GRACIOUS. I think my niece needs one of these :)

  8. Miss Caroline is too much cuteness for one post. I think I squealed with excitement seeing her so prissy!!!! She is just so precious!!


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