Confessional Friday: {Link Up}

It seems like this post is the only one I really have time to write every week...yikes. With this house selling journey, I feel like I spend all non-working hours cleaning and organizing. That's okay, though...just grateful to have a house to be selling in the first place!

Let's have some Confessional Friday fun, shall we?

1. I confess that, although I'm excited to get into a bigger home, I'll be so sad to leave our little neighborhood. It's kind of sad to think of how many memories we've made in this home. And we just feel so comfortable right here. But, we are completely out of room now that Caroline is in the picture. We had a small home to begin with, which was fine, but now we are just overrun with stuff! Anyone else out there feel like their house shrunk the minute they had a kid?

2. I confess that I have printed nearly every recipe from last week's recipe link-up! In case you missed it, we did a special recipe link-up on Friday. All of them looked and sounded so good. I think my summer cooking routine is getting a much-needed change-up.

3. I confess that I got a little misty-eyed after snapping some pics of Caroline earlier this week. It's so sad that she'll be EIGHT months old in just a couple weeks. I swear, I just had her! Why do babies grow so quickly? It just shouldn't be allowed!

4. I confess that my summer wardrobe is in definite need of a boost. Summer isn't my most favorite season to dress for, (I much prefer cute sweaters, boots and jeans.) But, since I'm not working out of the home as much right now, I'm going to need some cute day-to-day items to get me through the warmer months. I'm pretty sure this is an assignment I can handle ; ) Shopping. It's a tough job, but someone needs to do it.

I'm going to age myself saying this, but everything is SO cropped, and SO short and SO....appropriate for an 18 year old. It's like you either have to dress like a teenager, or you're stuck with the dreaded mommy Bermuda shorts. I may as well buy some Croccs. (Except not really. If I ever wear Croccs, please put me out of my misery.) What gives?

Maybe I'll do a post on dressing for summer and still maintaining some modesty, ha!

Okay girls, tell me what's on your minds!


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  1. Caroline is so beautiful! I am tall and have the same problem with shorts and cropped stuff. I am not a fan of it at all. That is one of the reasons I mostly wear Lilly. Callahan shorts are the perfect length. I like the Walsh shorts too, although they are a little shorter.

  2. Don't feel like you have to apologize for your posting schedule....we just like reading whatever/and whenever you have something to share!! ;) My summer wardrobe is in need of some major summer help too. Some days I wish I could just call up Stacey and Clinton and have them whip me up a whole new look (with those credit cards they always seem to be giving away...of course)

  3. Completely agree with summer wardrobe staples! Why is it hard to dress like an almost-thirty-year old... still being fashionable but child friendly! I would love to see your picks!

  4. Your little girl is just adorable! I love petti skirts on little girls!

  5. Old Navy and Gap have some great options right now for shorts in the middle...not shorty short, but not grandma style either! haha I'm pretty sure they are having a buy one, get one 50% off currently too!

    I have been the same way with the recipes everyone shared! It was so much fun to see what everyone else is making. Happy weekend!

  6. Summer is my least favorite season to dress for too, and I'm pregnant this time. Ugh! I did just order some cute maxi's from Target-they had a much better selection online vs. in the store if you want to check it out! Also, I hear you on the crocs! I have a pair, but I ONLY wear them when doing yard work or in the winter when I need to take the pup outside...because those I can slip on and leave my socks on, lol. In Indiana when its in the negatives outside, you do what you gotta do! :)

  7. I definitely agree!! Summer is the hardest season to dress for. Especially in Texas! All I feel like wearing a bath towel because it's so disgusting and humid... Old Navy does have some cute, lightweight shorts right now... And comfy tank tops! Good luck shopping!! : )

  8. Cannot handle the crop nor the mules that are apparently in this season.

  9. Loft shorts are my saving grace in the summer. Cute colors, great fit, comfy and the perfect length for a young mom. And they wash and hold up well. I have two pair that are on their fourth season and still look awesome.

  10. Yeah, summer wardrobe is so MEH. I found some cute shorts at AE this week, but I've also had luck with some cute shorts at Target, surprisingly.

    And 8 months old??? Say what!

  11. I totally agree.. Everything out right now is cropped, short, and very teenage! I've had some luck at loft, Jcrew, and Belk's Crown and Ivy line!

  12. Oh my goodness - how absolutely adorable is your little girl?? Such a sweet photo!


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