Summer Frocks: {Outfit Pics}

Finding the perfect summer dress is sort of like finding a $10 bill when you're cleaning out your purse: the best kind of surprise.

Frill of the Chase dress c/o Riffraff (here) // Garden Party necklace c/o Riffraff (here) // Brown bracelet via Riffraff (purchased in store) // Rhinestone link bracelet via Groopdealz (purchased last year, but similar here) // shoes via Target (found here)

I was pleased as pink punch to discover the perfect little frock at Riffraff a couple weeks ago. It was an ideal color for the warmer months, a gorgeous shape and the best length - short, but not obscene for a momma ; )

If you're like me and currently trying to overhaul your summer wardrobe, I'd start with dresses. They're much more likely to fit (if you aren't able to try on in store), plus, you'll get a lot of mileage out of them because, in my opinion, they're way more comfy than shorts!

Here are a few of my current favorites I've found lately from Riffraff.

Gaze n A-maze Dress {in hot pink}
Neon Flirt It Out Dress {in blue}
Bella Dress {Flamingo Deck}

Trapeze Dress {Be Mine}
A few tips to remember when you're looking for a universally flattering dress:

-Look for a portrait collar, a deep V-cut with straps or a one shoulder (Grecian) style neckline

-Find frocks with fun detailing, like a flutter sleeve or intricate designs around the shoulders (like the Gaze n A-maze dress) to draw the eye upward

-The perfect length for most women? 1-3 inches above the knee. Not much more and not much less.

Stay tuned Wednesday for another outfit post (I know, crazy right?), featuring the cutest darn top from one of my other favorite boutiques!

*The dress and necklace in this post were generously gifted by Riffraff. Style photos are property of A Blonde Ambition and Leslie Sisti (in partnership with Riffraff) and may not be re-published on any blog, website or social media channel without express written consent from this blog administrator or Riffraff store. 


  1. Absolutely adorable!! I LOVE it paired with that necklace too - the color combo is great! It reminds me of my high school bedroom - two walls were bright orange and two walls were hot pink. What my mother was thinking allowing me to do that, I will never know...

  2. i found a $100 bill in a small purse i wore over a weekend a couple of weeks ago. literally was like the BEST day ever!

  3. I love, love, love that dress! It looks so great on you, especially paired with that orange necklace. What a great find!!

  4. That color is perfection! Such a great choice!

  5. How do you nurse in this?? I love dresses but I'm on my second summer of nursin (baby 2) and it's so hard to find dresses you can nurse in if you are out and about!

    1. Hi Carolyn,

      I'm no longer nursing Caroline, but when I was, I thought wrap dresses were the easiest for breaking out the boob easily ; )

    2. Ahhh ok! I was hoping you had an amazing secret I hadn't heard on to dress while nursing ;)

  6. Isn't it funny how becoming a mom changes your sense of "appropriate?" I was never a flashy dresser, but now that Mallory is here, I'm even more concerned with making sure I'm dressed the way I want my daughter to dress one day.

  7. Love this dress!! Does the sizing run pretty true?


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