Swimsuits: {My Picks for Summer}

Okay, if any of you are like me, (and I know you are), putting on the bathing suit for the first time each summer is scary business. I'm typically pasty, (i.e. Casper the Friendly Ghost), which makes the swimsuit trying-on process OH SO FUN.

And this year, I'm working with a post-C-section body. I've been trying to get in better shape with the baby (you can read a post about that here), but I still have some things I want to hide.

I thought I'd share a few of my favorite suits I've found for summer 2014. Who knows? Maybe you'll find one below that you like, too.

If You Love your Assets, but Want to Hide Your Derriere

Lots and lots of suits right now are verging on being G-strings. Seriously. It's stupid, y'all. Our friends at Loft heard our cries (we girls who don't look like Gisele) and produced some really cute bottoms, which serve as lovely alternatives to the booty cheek-bearing styles.

LOFT Beach Siren Stripe Bathing Suit

You Want Sexiness, but also Want a One-Piece

Leave it to my girls at Maude to find THE perfect black one-piece swimsuit. It's a little sexy with the plunging neckline, but also conservative for those of us trying to conceal a tummy. A win-win, in my book.

Janie Zinke Peplum One Piece Swimsuit from Maude

You Want Full Torso and Tummy Coverage

You can't go wrong with this suit if you're looking to disguise your midsection. It's flattering on any body type and still gives you the comfort of a two-piece.

Tommy Bahama Pearl Twist Tankini from Nordstrom

You're Plus Size and Want Something that will Showcase Your Gorgeous Curves

You've got the body, so show it off already! I love this swimsuit from Forever 21 for a curvaceous body. It's super hot, sleek and completely chic. The side baring cut-outs give it an edgy look and also draw attention to a beautiful, hourglass waistline. And, how about that caftan and sun hat they paired with it? Um, yes, please!

Gone Knotty Swimsuit from Forever 21 - It also comes in HOT PINK!

You Want a Funky Bikini, but NEED an Underwire

This is one of my very favorite prints of the season from J.Crew's swimwear. Its deco design and underwire support make it a good choice for staying put on the "girls" while you frolic on the beach. (And yes, I just said "frolic". We really don't frolic enough.)

Deco Shell Underwire Top from J.Crew - ON SALE!!!

You are with Child

Now, I may be in the minority, but I love a girl who isn't afraid to bare that baby bump proudly. I happily wore my bikini the whole time I was pregnant and loved every minute. But, if you're more comfortable keeping things a little more modest, this one is for you. Totally stinkin' cute.

ASOS Maternity Tankini in Yellow from ASOS

You Just Want Something Fun

Maaji. That's the only word you need to remember. And Maude, because that's where you'll find it. It's the beginning and end of fun, funky swimwear. I'm in LUST with this style and plan to add it to my swimwear rotation STAT.

Cockatoo Maaji Peek-a-boo Suit from Maude

These are just a few of my pics for the summer. Have you bought your suit yet? What's your favorite style suit...tankini, bikini, one-piece??


  1. I've never heard of the Maaji style, but I LOVE IT NOW!

    I'm normally a bikini girl, but sometimes I look at the dental floss and think...REALLY!?!?

  2. Such great suits here!! I'm finally starting to stop killing myself over the fact that I don't look good in a bikini and trying to make it happen. It seems like the past few seasons the swimsuit industry has really picked up their game and created some adorable tankinis (even though I hate that name) and one piece suits. I still have yet to actually purchase one for this season, but living in WI that hasn't really been an issue yet ;)

  3. Love Maaji! I have two of their suits and they are wonderful! Love the reversible ones and love the ones made by the Tone It Up girls... also loving that yellow on a blonde!

  4. Ugh, if only Mallory hadn't blessed me with stretch marks llloooowww on my hips. I'm having such a tough time finding something that covers those but doesn't scream "I'm trying to cover something."

  5. Ugh, if only Mallory hadn't blessed me with stretch marks llloooowww on my hips. I'm having such a tough time finding something that covers those but doesn't scream "I'm trying to cover something."


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