What's In My Beach Bag

The Mister and I bought a little ski boat about three years ago, so from May until September, we pretty much live on the lake. I guess you can say that I've gotten pretty good at compiling the perfect bag for a day or night (or both!!) on the water.

(Mind you, this is just the bag for Stephen and me. Caroline has her own because...babies. They require a whole lotta stuff, which merits it's own mammoth bag.)

I love a straw bag because they dry out quickly, (just make sure to dry them out within hours after they get wet. Otherwise, they can get quite stinky.) I found one like the above at Old Navy last year and it has held up pretty well! Aviators are also a requirement because DUH. And a cute cover-up since we usually eat lunch at the marina's little hole in the wall restaurant after we go out (and no one wants to see this chick put away a big 'ol jalepeno burger wearing a bikini.) 

L.L. Bean Seaside Beach Towel (here) // BurnOut Kids Physical Sunscreen (I got ours on Amazon)

I really like L.L. Bean's beach towels because they hold up after mucho, mucho trips through the washing machine. And this is my new favorite sunscreen (below). It's called Burn Out and, although it is meant for kiddos, I like it because it lasts all goshdarn day. No reapplication needed, folks!

Clarins Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Suncare Oil (here

Once I've achieved a little bit of color, I can usually get away with an SPF 30 oil-based sunscreen. I LOVE Clarins Sun Care Oil Spray for my skin and my hair. If you have color-treated hair, spray a little on before you hit the water. It'll keep your color fresh and non-brassy!

It's also important to keep your lips protected on the water all day. I swear by the FRESH brand Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15 in Sugar Coral.

Other things that require no photos:
-Extra ponytail holders
-iPod (we just plug it into the auxiliary jack and blare whatever we want)
-Water Noodles (I know they're meant for kiddos, but they're darn perfect for sitting in the water without having to tread water.)
-Gatorade (Gotta stay hydrated.)
-Koozies (To keep the beverages cold whilst sipping.)
-Bandaids, Neosporin and Advil (Accidents happen. Be prepared.)

These are just a few of my bag staples, but I'd love to hear what makes the list every time you hit the beach or lake. And, go!


  1. Baby powder to deal with the sand. Sprinkle baby powder on your sandy feet and it just comes right off, which means less sand in the boat!

  2. Don't forget the goldfish snacks! Something about being on the lake makes me hungry. I always have a bag of Pepperidge Farm goldfish in my beach bag! Cheers Jenn www.pinterestdreams.blogspot.com

  3. I love the Sugar Lip Treatments, but I've never tried the Coral. I agree, LL Bean Beach Towels are the best. I swear, I've had one for like 5 years, and it doesn't look dingy at all. I'll have to try that Clarins Oil. I really need something to spray on my hair while in the sun.

  4. Your list pretty much covers it all!! I really need to get a boat... Or make friends with someone who has a boat ;) They are just so much fun! I think the only thing missing from your list is a snack bag... But I am a huge snacker so I might be the only person who needs those ;)

  5. Whatever! I'm about to pack a bag and come to Arkansas to boat with you!


What'cha got?